THE Air Pollution Solution

THE Air Pollution Solution

Saving Millions of Lives World-Wide

Air pollution is a major global problem in our modern world, the severity of which differs in different regions and countries. The World Health Organization estimates that over 7 million people die each year from air pollution caused illnesses. In addition, millions  more suffer from air pollution caused health symptoms such as itching, watering eyes, coughing, constricted breathing. etc. the WHO also estimates that about 93% of the world’s population live in areas where the air pollution levels are higher than the standard for healthy air quality.

Traditional western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine,  ayurvedic medicine and other alternative medical systems do not have effective treatments for this problem. IGG however has a special protocol with the QEO that has shown significant reduction in air pollution cause symptoms in over 100 initial sample clinical cases with its unique physics-based technology, the QEO.

WWC will:

  • Acquire and/or build ideal locations
  • Have multiple workstations for QEO treatments at each center
  • Have facilities, supplies and equipment for toxin level testing
  • Pollution free Internal environment for each center
  • World-class customer service
  • Highly efficient client services flow
  • Ideal marketing and market education
  • All staff doing the Freedom Practice for the first half hour of every day
  • Everyone participates in a profit-sharing program
  • The company provides unique and highly effective services for eliminating air pollution symptoms

Biophysics based technology

There are significant limitations to the ability for traditional medicine due to the chemical and mechanical worldview held by most people in the medical world. They view and treat health problems with surgery, drugs, radiation, chemical detoxification, etc. These approaches are attacking the air pollution problem at the wrong level.

The scientists and medical researchers think that the air pollution problem is due to the extremely small size of the pollution particles, i.e. PM2.5. However, the real problem with the small particles is not their size but rather the toxic effect of their electromagnetic fields on the tissues of the body.

Our new physics-based technology allows us to approach the problem at a different level than has been previously available. Here’s some information about it and how it works.

How the QEO works

We know from physics that matter is made of energy. Every particle of matter has an electromagnetic field that radiates out from the physical substance of the particle into the space around it.

E = mc2 – Means matter is made of energy

Particles of matter radiates energy into the environment

Because the PM2.5 particles are so small, you can’t even see them without an electron microscope. But as mentioned above, the particles are toxic to us not so much because of their small size but because of their electromagnetic fields. The fields of these toxins have a damaging effect on the electro-magnetic fields of the natural tissues of the body.

Our new technology inverts the waveform of the electro-magnetic fields of the toxins, amplifies this signal and sends it to the body via a cable and electrode. The inverted waveform doesn’t destroy the particles, but it does make their electro-magnetic fields weaker, rendering them less harmful to the body and easier to get them out of the body. The level of toxins in the urine and blood will be measured before and after treatment to see the extent to which the process is working.

Each treatment takes 10 minutes. It is completely non-invasive, safe and totally comfortable. There are two output ports on each QEO, so it is possible to treat two people at once with each device.

The inverted waveform of a sample of the toxic particles from the air pollution interacts with the electromagnetic fields of the particles in the body and weakens the strength of the field. This reduces the stress that the toxic electro-magnetic fields have on the body’s natural tissues. It makes it easier for the regulatory mechanisms of the body to eliminate the toxic particles.

Extensive testing with our special testing method indicates that significant reduction of air pollution stress occurs during the first treatment. People also confirm this with reports of corresponding significant reductions in air pollution related symptoms such as reduced irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs, less coughing, easier breathing, better energy levels and less fatigue.

Symptom reduction reports from clients range from 20% to 100% from the first treatment. If the symptoms are not fully resolved with one treatment, the client can come in again for additional treatments to get the symptom level down to zero. This is possible in most cases however, the number of treatments that this can take varies from individual to individual.

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