World Wellness Research Institute

The World Wellness Research Institute will be conducting research projects including new techniques for stimulating the body to create T cells that produce antibodies to various viruses and their variants without the use of chemical injections. This can be done using new biophysics based technologies of Inner Greatness Global.Research will also be conducted on reversing negative effects of COVID vaccinations and other vaccinations.World Wellness Centers

World Wellness Centers are physical clinics at which people can have treatments using our biophysics based technologies and resources to provide permanent virus immunity without chemical injections.
In addition, research will be done on a new method to reduce the negative effects of COVID vaccinations.
Other treatments for issues such as air pollution symptom reduction, reducing or eliminating ADD/ADHD, Allergy elimination, and others will also be offered at the World Wellness Centers.

A special offering of the World Wellness Centers is a program for total rejuvenation of the body. More about these programs will be coming soon.The details of each organization and each of the new programs, what each one is, who can take it, pricing, affiliate commissions, prerequisites, etc. will be coming in the days ahead.

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