Cross Testing – Eliminate Doubts

Cross testing
The muscle testing doubt obliterator

The real key to making muscle testing reliable is what we call cross testing. This means that you reformulate the intention statement in such a way that you get the opposite response from the muscle but this gives you the same resulting information as the former test.

For example when we’re finished resolving an issue, like the fear of punishment, you can test for the statement, “The energy of the fear of punishment is now thoroughly resolved.”

When you test and get a strong response you can then reformulate the statement and test again, “More work on this same topic would be helpful or useful.” When you retest you now get a weak response. The weak response to the second statement gave us the same information as the first statement’s strong response because of the way that we reformulated the intention statement.

The result of each test tells you that the work on that topic is complete. Having the same resulting information from both a weak response and a strong response helps to wash away any doubt that might happen from just getting one answer from a single test.

If you still have any doubts you can reformulate it again. “The resolution of of this issue is complete.” Now you test again and get another strong response. If you keep reformulating the intention such that you get more strong and weak responses, all of which give you the same basic information that the debugging is really complete, pretty soon you feel confident that it really is.

When you utilize this idea of cross testing by reformulating the statement and getting opposite responses this is very valuable. It tends to wipe away doubts and when you do this several times what happens is that doubt gets obliterated. It’s a very effective doubt obliterating technique.

Reformulating of intention statements will get better and easier with practice. Your formulation of statements will become more precise and more refined and also your ability to do the cross testing reformulation will improve over time. It will improve simply by doing a lot of it. And the result will be that you will develop very powerful and reliable intuition testing. It will also greatly increase your natural ability to recognized and trust your intuitive thoughts in every aspect of your life.

This is an extremely valuable asset. It’s one of the best, most useful life skills that you can possibly cultivate.



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