I don’t trust my muscle testing

I Don’t Trust my Muscle Testing

It seems like I’m influencing the outcome

Sometimes people have a problem with trusting the results of muscle testing. Resolving the fear of punishment often goes a long way toward resolving this. But there is another kind of experience that is independent of the fear of punishment and it can cause doubts especially with the self-testing that is done with the fingers. This typically can happen when first learning self muscle testing or shortly after learning it. What happens is that people start to feel that they can’t trust the results. It is actually the feeling that they are unduly biasing or influencing the results and therefore the results are not reliable.

After you have learned the mechanics of the muscle testing process it can be quite useful to understand what is really going on so that you can overcome this problem. I’ve seen people give up on using muscle testing or at least give up on using the self testing version of muscle testing just because of this. Once you understand the cause it usually solves it as a problem. Here’s what happens.

When you’re doing a self test for something, the first step is to decide what it is that you are going to test. The moment that you decide what you are going to test the energy of the intention of what you are going to test is immediately present inside of you. The main important point to understand is that the intention is not the words that describe the intention. The words are only the symbolic representation or description of the intention. The intention itself is a pattern of energy that is typically vibrating many cycles per second. Just like a note played on a musical instrument vibrates in hundreds of thousands of full cycles of its waveform every second, the vibratory patterns of intentions can and often do have many vibrations of its full waveform every second as well. It takes a lot longer to describe the intention in words than it does to just experience its vibratory pattern. 

So your body is getting the information of the intention the moment that you have the intention to test it even before you can formulate the words that describe it.  Because the energy pattern is already present in the body the muscles will begin to contract or not to indicate whether or not you are congruent with this intention. From the moment when you begin the process of just having the intention to test something, the body already knows the answer and the muscles will start to respond.

That means that your body is experiencing the presence of and beginning to respond to the intention long before you articulate the intention in words. The linear description of the intention that is the words you use to describe it or say it or think it is not the intention itself. They are just the linear attempt to describe it.

So what happens is that the body begins to respond with a strong or weak response to the intention even before you finish saying or thinking the intention statement. 

It is just at this point that people sometimes misinterpret their experience. They think that because they already have a sense of whether it is going to be a strong or weak response that they are MAKING it be strong or weak. But this is not the right interpretation of what is really happening. They are simply feeling the strong or weak response start to be present in the body before they challenge the muscle. Thinking that this is a problem is caused by not understanding that the intention is already present and the body is already responding to it.

So rather than biasing the result, you are simply knowing the result sooner than you expected and thus you may make the mistake of thinking you are biasing the result.

Usually as soon as you understand this you can simply relax into the knowledge that you know the result before you challenge the muscle and that there isn’t any problem. This simple understanding usually solves this misunderstanding.

As already explained in other articles, one of the wonderful side benefits of practicing kinesiology is that it dramatically cultivates trusting your intuition. This is because every time you amplify your intuitive knowing with the testing it is a confirmation of your intuition. It brings the subtle sense experience up to the level of the physical senses.

This is what develops Precision Intuition. So the muscle testing is a mechanism that rapidly develops an increasing ability to trust your intuitive knowing because you are frequently amplifying it.

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