Removing 5 house obstacles

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This course is designed to help you with the process of optimizing the benefits of the first five kameshtis on all of the areas of your life for which the kameshtis were done to remove such obstacles. We will be using IGO to make sure that the process of removing any obstacles that you have had in any area of your life that were addressed by the first five kameshtis get fully completed using the Pure Awareness Techniques.

Only people who register for this course can participate in this class. And only people who register will be participants in the Varanasi event for getting the support of Shiva and Buddha as described on the web page – Removing 5 house obstacles. However, we have made this unique combined event very inexpensive so that everyone can register and attend both the class and the event. We are hoping that by making this inexpensive that enough people will register so that the costs of the Varanasi trip and event will be covered. 

To register so that you will be included in the Varanasi event and can also participate in the Remove 5 house obstacles class click on the ADD TO CART button. 


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