Removing 5 house obstacles

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We have designed a combination of both Vedic Science and Inner Greatness Optimizing to help ensure that you are getting a synergistic and optimal benefit out of your participation in our monthly kameshtis as well as getting the most possible benefit from them by including IGO to ensure that the process of the removal of any obstacles to this gets thoroughly accomplished now. 

If you joined the series of Kameshtis after they started or you missed one or more of them, this is an opportunity to get the benefits you may have missed and also make sure that the obstacles to having the qualities of the first five house of your Vedic astrology cart as fully enlivened in your life as possible! 

We want everyone to get the maximum benefits of all of the Kameshtis that have been done since the very first one in November. The explanation that follows involves using both Vedic Science and Inner Greatness Optimizing to accomplish exactly this intention. Thus, there will be two parts to this process.

Part 1 – Using Vedic Science

The first part of our optimization of the benefits of the kameshtis will be that Ritesh is going to Varanasi, also known as Banaras from the 25th to the 29th of March. On the 26th and 27th he will perform a special procedure the purpose of which is to bring about the conclusion and fulfillment of the Kameshtis that we have done so far.

The purpose of the monthly Kameshtis is to remove obstacles to the best possible manifestation of the aspects of life that are represented in the first five houses of the Scientific Life Assessment charts (your Vedic astrology chart). They have been done in a way such that anyone who has participated can gain the increased inspiration and resolve to bring this about in your life.

For example, the kameshti that was just done on March 21 invoked the significations of the 5th house: Love, Children, Higher wisdom, and past life Karmas.

If you have seen any of the videos of the kameshtis all the way to the end you have seen that these is a fire ceremony near the end of each kameshti. This fire ceremony has different names such as Yagya, Hawan, Homa, or Havan.

This is a special procedure to enhance your awareness and to activate the fundamental law of nature that governs fire. It’s an age-old Vedic procedure that creates a revitalizing, rejuvenating, and purifying effect on both the participant as well as on the environment.

While on this trip to Varanasi, Ritesh will have with him the ashes of the fire ritual from the kameshti of March 21st and these will be mixed with water from the Ganges River combined with coconut water and will be offered to Lord Shiva and Lord Buddha.

Relevance of Varanasi: Varanasi is considered to be the oldest continuous city in the world. It is also the city of enlightenment as the first Yogi, Visvanath is seated there, and Lord Buddha attained enlightenment there.

Here’s what’s going to happen. This event is for bringing a kind of completion and fulfillment of all of the kameshtis that we have done so far for the first five houses. And it is a special ritual for honoring Lord Shiva and Lord Buddha.

Relevance of the Kameshti Ashes: Ash represents the final conclusion of any matter living or non-living. When anything burns it produces water in the form of vapors and smoke and what is left is ashes. Ancient wisdom in all cultures represent the ultimate reality of things as ashes. This is a powerful influence that motivates one to forge a balance between detachment and attachment. Having the optimal balance between detachment and attachment greatly increases your ability to live from and make decisions from Pure Awareness.

Lord Shiva: Lord Shiva, considered to be the first Yogi in the world, smeared ashes on his body. He considered the ashes as his clothes as well as ornaments.

Lord Buddha: Lord Buddha is considered to be the first man who attained enlightenment gaining freedom from the cycle of birth and death.

Ancient Indian Custom: In order to ward off negative energies, dread, anxiety and depressions in life, ashes from the kameshti Havans will be offered to Lord Shiva in Varanasi known as Kashi Vishwanath (Lord of the world seated in Kashi) to ward off all kinds of obstacles in life.

What will be done on March 26th and 27th: The ashes mixed with Ganges water and coconut water will be offered to Lord Shiva and Lord Buddha to seek blessings to ward off obstacles related to our body, our family, our friends, our mothers and to optimize happiness, our love, children, wisdom and neutralize past life karmas. This will be done on behalf of all our Kameshti members. Ritesh will provide us with the times of day which I will pass on to everyone who will be participating so you can watch it on zoom if the time is reasonable for your time zone – and of course we will have the recording if the time of day is not good for your time zone.

Part  2 – Using Inner Greatness Optimizing

In order to make sure that you get the most out of this Varanasi event I am going to hold a class for everyone who participates. In this class I will test to see if you have any barriers to gaining the fullest possible value from this Varanasi event. We will do that over zoom and I will guide some people through finding and resolving any barriers to any of the areas of life that you might still need some support to resolve. The areas of life that we will cover are those from the first five houses of your chart. They are:

November – 23/21 For removing obstacles to the body, mind and soul. For the ability to feel anything and everything.

December – 22/21 Wealth related to family, savings, food, gems & precious stones.

January – 21/22 Social strength & Fundamental instructions related to education and life skills and journey

February – 20/22 Mother, day to day happiness, land, conveyances, building, house, and relatives

March – 21/22 Son & children, love, creativity, royalty, learning and knowledge, sacred spells and past life karmas

Removing 5 house obstacles

I will take a few people through the process of finding and resolving obstacles to realizing the optimal expression of each of these areas of life in their life. We will do enough of this that you will then know how to do this on your own. And I will help you to know how to find how many IN and OUT Technique energies there are for you personally.

It will be one class and it will be held at 5:30 PM Pacific time on March 31st. It will probably last for about 2 hours. There will be a separate class at a different time for our China students.

The cost of participation in the Varanasi event with its influence of supercharging the benefits of the first five kameshtis – combined with participation in the Removing 5 house obstacles course on March 31st will be only $51 USD. This is not a donation but a course fee that also covers your participation in the Varanasi event. You can use this shopping cart link to register by clicking the ADD TO CART button on the upper left of the product page. Only those who register will be included and can participate in both the Varanasi event and the Removing 5 house obstacles class.

Removing 5 house obstacles and Varanasi event registration

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