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Let’s face it. Most people are not very good at handling their emotions. This causes a lot of suffering. Now there is finally a way to systematically improve your success and happiness by gaining an extraordinary level of emotional competence.

Very few people have any idea of how to upgrade their emotional competence. It is important to know that this process is very different than trainings in emotional intelligence. Such trainings teach you how to manage your emotions with your intellect. That’s why they are called emotional intelligence training. This kind of training can be valuable but it doesn’t hold a candle to training in true emotional competence that actually eliminates the energy patterns of unresolved, suppressed and avoided emotional stresses that everyone holds in their body.

As you clean up your inner emotional landscape with the Freedom Practice you will make far more decisions from your intuition instead of from your ego and emotional pain. You will never have to be the victim of your emotional stress ever again!

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There is a special offer for registering for the Freedom Practice Training.

The Freedom Practice Training is now available in 2 sections. Section 1 includes 2 classes that are recorded videos. Class #1 is an overview of the entire training. Class number 2 teaches you how to do three techniques that will allow you to start to rapidly eliminate  trauma and emotional pain. You learn the s three Pure Awareness Techniques –

  • Quietness Technique
  • Th Locate Technique
  • The IN Technique

The IN is a fast and highly effective method of resolving emotional pain stored in your body. I discovered it while doing my own private research to find a way to cure PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that I had after getting shot in the chest by a deranged stranger back in 1993. I discovered a simple insight that allowed me to fully cure my PTSD. I haven’t had a PTSD symptom in over 25 years, 

The second section of the Freedom Practice Training is 4 webinars When you finish section 1 you will have the opportunity to register for section 2 that includes lessons 3, 4, 5 and 6.

In lesson 3 your will learn the other main Pure Awareness technique that shows you exactly hot to eliminate what are called Reactive Emotions. They happen when you have expectations that don’t get met. When that happens people tend to get angry, frustrated, sad, depressed, heartbroken, etc. Reactive Emotions also happen when you become afraid that something bad might happen. The OUT Technique allows you to get out of such reactions and not have them come back. 

  • The OUT Technique

You also learn something called muscle testing. This is a simple way of helping you to access your intuitive knowing. You will learn this in lesson 4 and you will learn how to make it reliable in lesson 5.In  lesson 6 you will start to do the Freedom Practice in the class and have some debriefing to make sure that you are doing everything correctly. Fortunately it is easy to do.

These are the basics of the Freedom Practice. You can take this course any time and review the webinars whenever you like. The price for course is normally $300. But a limited number of people who watch the first 2 classes are getting a special half price discount so the price is just $150 while this offer lasts. 

To register for section one of the Freedom Practice Training click the ADD TO CART button on the upper left. The price is zero because the 2 lessons of section one are free. 

To get section 2 of the training – classes 3, 4, 5 and 6, the cost is $150. You will get access to these classes either as live or recorded webinars. You will continue to have access to the video recordings for as long as you like. 


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