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Do you have discomfort from air pollution?

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Get your first set of PM 2.5 Energy Drops for Free! – Just pay for the shipping

It’s easy but you have to be first in your city! – Just 4 simple things to do

1. Check our list of cities to see if you are the first person in your city to be getting the PM 2.5 Energy Drops. This free offer is only for the first person in each city.

For the USA and Canada, you can check here – USA & Canada 

For the rest of the world check here – International
If your city is still available for this special offer, click on the link below to place your order now before someone else grabs it.

Shipping cost for orders in the USA and Canada is $9.97

Shipping cost for International orders is $23.97

2. We will need to have a sample of the toxins from the air pollution in your city. It’s easy to collect them. All you need to do is to take a tissue or paper towel and wipe the windshield or windows of some cars or the windows of some houses that have not been washed or cleaned for awhile. That dust contains all of the toxins that are in the air pollution. Get about 10 such wipes and put the tissues/paper towels into a plastic bag and seal it. Put a note in the package with your name, contact information and which city (and country) the dust is from. Then mail it to us at:

Inner Greatness Global
3454 Don Lorenzo Dr. 
Carlsbad, CA 92010
Attention: Karen


3. Take the Air Pollution Stress Assessment – here

Take it twice – once now, before you start to take your Energy Drops and once when you are finished taking them for 15 days. This will give you a very good comparison of the severity of your symptoms before and after taking the Energy Drops. Use the form on the results page to send to us your results after taking the assessment the 2nd time. The form will include a link to your results page so that we can see your improvement scores.
4. Make a short video telling us about how your air pollution symptoms improved after taking your Energy Drops for the 15 days. Using your phone to make the video should work fine. Then email us your video to [email protected]
The Energy Drops come as a set of 2 bottles. They are:
  • The inverse energy of the Air Pollution toxins in special mineral water
  • The inverse energy of the Air Pollution toxins in special oil for applying to the skin

The drops are taken once per day for 15 days.

You take the mineral water drops under your tongue and you apply the oil drops on your skin in the places where you get symptoms as well as over the areas of the lungs and liver.

The process is designed to weaken the stresses caused by the harmful toxic particles in the air pollution in order to help the body detoxify and self-heal.

You can read more about the Inner Greatness Air Pollution Stress Reduction Energy Drops here –

A New Solution for PM 2.5 Air Pollution Stress Reduction

Currently, we are providing the program for people who live the greater Los Angeles and Long Beach areas. The toxins from the air pollution from these areas are used to create the inverted energy patterns that reduce the stress that these energies create in your body.

Whether you are experiencing symptoms or not, if you have been living in the LA or Long Beach area for an extended period of time you can either reduce symptoms significantly (if you already have them) or you can help prevent them from occurring by weakening the energy fields of these toxins now.

Get immediate relief from air pollution stress symptoms now.

Order your Inner Greatness Air Pollution Stress Reduction Energy Drops today!

Click on the appropriate link below. Only use the shipping only link if you have been preapproved by email from us that you are the first person in your city to get this amazing new product.

Shipping cost only for (1st person in your city) orders in the USA and Canada – $9.97

Shipping cost only for (1st person in your city) International orders – $23.97

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