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These Inner Greatness Energy Drops contain the mirror image energy of nicotine and the other toxins in tobacco smoke. When you take these drops, the energy pattern in the drops cancels out the energy of the nicotine in your body and reduces or even eliminates withdrawal symptoms that typically happen when someone tries to stop smoking.

This is a part of the larger comprehensive Be Smoke Free Now program for people who are going through the process of stoping smoking and permanently becoming a non-smoker.

This program is a 3 step process:

  1. Resolving the traumas that are the basis of the nicotine addiction
  2. Using the Be Smoke Free Now Energy Drops to cancel out the energy of the nicotine making it much, much easier to not slip back to having another cigarette
  3. Becoming emotionally competent and learning to use the Pure Awareness Techniques frequently as new emotional stresses show up in your life which they inevitably will.

People don’t realize that they are smoking in order to self-medicate so they don’t have to feel some old emotional stress or pain. Many will say that they smoke because they like it. But the Naked Truth is that smoking is an addiction and all addictions are methods of self-medicating so that you don’t feel emotional pain.

So the real answer to becoming a non-smoker permanently is to get rid of the old unresolved emotional pain from the past and make sure not to accumulate new pain but instead to resolve it immediately.

People who go through this 3 step program for stopping smoking or stopping the use of other kinds of drugs have a very high success rate and not only stopping successfully but not relapsing which is the key to really becoming a non-smoker for the rest of your life.

Mark Twain, the famous American author said it well. He said, “Stopping smoking is the easiest thing in the world to do. I’ve done it a thousand times!”

It is important to recognize that it is essential to do a thorough job on steps 1 and 3 as without that your chances of relapsing are much higher.

Therefore this product is only available as an integral part of the Be Smoke Free Now program for people who are registered for the that program.

There are 2 kinds of energy drops included in this package. One is a special kind of mineral water that holds the imprinted inverted energy pattern of the nicotine very well. These drops are taken under the tongue for 8 days. The other drops are a special mixture of oils that are put on the skin twice per day also for 8 days. The combination of the 2 kinds of drops produces a significant reduction in withdrawal symptoms, similar to what you see on the chart above. In fact, when asked how their withdrawal symptoms are after taking the drops, many people say – “What withdrawal symptoms!”

The price of the Be Smoke Free Program is $697.00 and it includes.

  1. 1 or 2 one-hour Inner Greatness Coaching sessions to clean out the pain of the past. This is usually enough but you will get as long as you need to get this done thoroughly. Your Inner Greatness Coach will be able to test for you and make sure that you really resolve all of the old emotional pain that’s been the basis of your addiction.
  2. Then you start taking the drops to dramatically reduce withdrawal symptoms. You stop smoking when you start taking the drops.
  3. And then you take a class to powerfully upgrade your emotional competence. You practice the Pure Awareness Techniques on all kinds of emotions and get really good at doing them, so good that you can use them on your own. And you get good enough at doing then that it’ an easy choice to use a Pure Awareness Techniques rather than have a cigarette.

We also have the Inner Guidance Apps which you can have on your smart phone or tablet or computer or all three if you like, so that you can guide yourself through the Pure Awareness Techniques any time that you need them. This is a great resource for helping you to become emotionally competent and not dependent upon an Inner Greatness Coach for support.

So if you are really ready to give up smoking, sign up for the Be Smoke Free Now program and one of our Certified Inner Greatness Coaches will get you started on this very effective 3 step program.

Here’s to your success in becoming a non-smoker… now and for the rest of your life!

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