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Before ordering this product do the following – 

  • Take our special Focus and Presence Assessment or help your kid take it if the Effortless Powerful Focus Energy Drops are going to be for your kid. You can take that assessment here –

Effortless Power Focus Assessment

  • Fill in the form on the results page including a picture of the person taking the assessment. Also include your the name, age, and sex of the person and any comments or questions that you have in the comments field.
  • Then click SEND. The message will automatically include the link to your results page as well as your email address so that our evaluator can see the assessment results and your other information.
  • In addition, take the Emotional Competence Assessment here –

Emotional Competence Assessment

  • Also, fill out the form on the results page and send that to us as well.
  • The combination of these two assessments will help us to determine if it is highly likely that you (or whoever is taking the assessments) has a TB Miasm or not. And it will also tell us to what extent the problem is caused by a TM Miasm or by disruptive emotions. This will allow us to make a customized recommendation for how best to resolve the focus problem for the person who took the assessment.

By eliminating the disruptive influence of the TB Miasm, it will help your kid (or you) to be able to focus much more easily. Reading speed and comprehension will improve. They will do better on tests and exams. They will be able to settle down and not be so agitated and restless in class. They will be able to effortlessly listen to the teacher and hear and remember what the teacher says. Their relationships with other kids and teachers and… you, will also improve.

We have seen many cases of problem behaviors just go away. Kids who have been difficult to handle, disruptive, resistant, withdrawn, aggressive, unfriendly, uncooperative and irritable, many times these problems just seem to vanish after this treatment. A common problem is a resistance to doing homework. Again there are many cases of this resistance just going away after this treatment with the drops.

We have a tendency to think of such kids as just bad kids. But kids are not naturally bad. There’s always some reason why they are being that way and we have found that in many cases having a TB miasm is at the root of this “bad” behavior. Learn more about the TB miasm here – Solving Focus Problems. As you will learn there, the TB miasm is an inherited pattern of energy that causes focus and hyperactivity problems. We use the QEO to cancel out the energy patterns of the TB miasms. The QEO uses a special form of wave interference to cancel out the negative influence of the miasm. People have been really amazed in so many cases how the child’s behavior just suddenly gets vastly better.

About 60 to 70% of the population has this problem. Certainly, there are other contributing factors that can be causing bad behavior but even these are sometimes made worse by the presence of a TB miasm. For focus problems that are caused by disruptive emotions, our Emotional Mastery Training techniques are unprecedented at resolving such problems quickly and thoroughly. If our evaluation determines that disruptive emotions are a contributing part of the problem we will recommend having some 1-on-1 coaching to resolve this.

The process of eliminating the influence of the TM Miasm can be done either in person or via the Inner Greatness Energy Drops that are described here – Help Your Kids do Better in School. If you happen to be near one of our Inner Greatness Centers you can make an appointment directly with that center and get this handled there in person. – IGC Locations 

As the network of Inner Greatness Centers is just starting to be developed a more realistic way to get the benefit of this treatment is by our making and sending you custom made Effortless Powerful Focus Energy Drops.

We create custom Effortless Powerful Focus  Energy Drops for you and send them to you in the mail. You take the drops for 4 days and you only have to do this once. The drops come with simple instructions for how to take them. For more information about this see this page – Helping Your Kids do Better in School and the other pages linked to it.


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