Neutralizing Bad Karma and Enhancing Good Karma

Neutralizing Bad Karma and Enhancing Good Karma

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There are some special new developments from which you can benefit a lot that have just become available. To put this into proper context I will give you a little bit of background.

The Where to Start Chart

I first created the Where to Start Chart during the first seminar that I taught in Switzerland. It often happens that I get new insights while I’m teaching.  If you have some problems or challenges in your life and you haven’t been able to solve them with IGO it may be that the solution might be found at the Environmental level of the Where to Start Chart.

Millions of times everyday people all over the world go to practitioners whose job it is to help people solve all kinds of problems in healthcare, emotional problems, relationship problems, etc.  But so often you go to someone and spend a lot of time and money but don’t get the solution that you were looking for. The Where to Start Chart’s purpose is to help you get on the right path so that do get you a real solution.

We did provide some knowledge and resources for modalities at the Environmental level in the past but it has been a long time since we have done that. A new source of information and support at the Environmental level has recently been discovered and we would like you to have the opportunity to learn about it. That’s because powerful solutions to many problems are made possible now with this new development. You may have tested that a problem can best be solved at the Environmental level but then you may not have known what kind of modalities are even available at that level. You may have even stopped testing at the Environmental level because of lack of knowledge and resources about it. So, to solve this problem we will have a presentation from a leading expert of what’s available at this level and how to take advantage of it.

We are going to have a free zoom presentation so that you can learn about this because it provides ways of identifying and solving problems that aren’t available at any other level of the Where to Start Chart. The purpose of the Where to Start Chart is to provide a method for easily finding the best modality to use to truly solve any specific problem that needs a solution from this level.

When you test that a problem would be best solved at the physical level, and if you are not an expert at that level then you can refer someone to a good doctor or chiropractor who may be able to help them. If the solution tests as being at the Chemical level, then it’s good to have resources for people to get the right medicine or herbal remedies or detoxification process that will truly solve their problem.

Originally the Where to Start Chart had only 4 levels to it. The first version of it didn’t have the Environmental level. It looked like this –

The Where to Start Chart

Vedic Science

As some of you may know I have had a long-standing interest in Meditation. I learned Transcendental Meditation (TM) when I was 19 and by age 22, I became a TM teacher and taught many people how to meditate. This is where my interest in ancient Vedic Science began. The longer a body of knowledge lasts the closer it is to the truth.  The Vedic literature is the oldest body of knowledge about life that we know of. There are different estimates but most of them are that this knowledge was started about 10,000 years ago. The Vedic knowledge holds lots of amazing solutions to problems that need to be solved at the Environmental level.


In 1997 I met a fascinating man from India who was an expert in a central and important part of the Vedic knowledge called Jyotish. His name was Shastri. In modern science we have a law of classical physics called Newton’s third law of motion. It says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means that every action you take has an influence on everything in the world around you both near and far away.  It also means that this influence moves out in every direction and bounces off of everything. Its influence is reflected back to you. If you do something that produces a negative influence on others that negative influence comes back to you. Everyone knows this as karma.

The word karma in Sanskrit means “action” but the concept of karma also includes the fruits of action, the influence that gets reflected back to you. So, we don’t really have a word in English that captures the real meaning of the term karma.

Neutralizing negative karmic influences

In the Vedic literature there is a place where it says that the scope of karma is unfathomable. This means that the influence of your past actions there are so many influences and they are so complicated that the human intellect just can’t understand the extent of it. However, in the Jyotish branch of Vedic Science an ancient wiseman named Parashura cognized the method of being able to know the main influences of your past actions and how to neutralize any significant ones that would be negative. Parashura also cognized various Vedic procedures to reduce or neutralize negative returning karmic influences.

The most important of these is called a kameshti. This word kameshti is made up of two words – kama – which means desire and – eshti – which means fulfillment. So kamestis are special Vedic procedures that are precisely designed and performed to support the fulfillment of your desires. One of the main important things that they do is to neutralize negative karmic influences before they reach you. But they can also be done to increase positive returning influences as well. To put it in modern language kameshtis use the principle of physics called Wave Interference to create patterns of energy that cancel out negative influences and amplify positive ones. How to determine what someone needs and how to do these procedures is an amazing and precious ancient knowledge.

Past Lives

For Jyotish to make sense we have to have a broad perspective. Some people have something happen in this life that doesn’t seem to make sense based on your actions in this life. For example, when I got shot in the chest in 1993, I had the thought that getting shot must be the result of something I did in a past life because I couldn’t think of anything that I had done in this life that would cause me to deserve to get shot. So, getting shot in this life must be the result of something I did in a past life.

I had just learned muscle testing during the few months prior to getting shot and in the muscle testing training I had learned a procedure for figuring out things from past lives.  While recovering from the surgery that I had right after getting shot I decided to use that procedure to get some insight as to why I got shot in this life.

It’s a simple process. You just test for the century, the country and if you are intuitive then what happened starts to come to you. I tested that the origin of this karma was from the 10th century. I was practicing archery in England and the guy who shot me in this life was a serf who was picking up the arrows in that life in England. He stepped out from behind the target at just the wrong time and I accidentally hit and killed him with an arrow. Even though it was an accident, it was still a karmic debt. He had tried to kill me in ensuing lifetimes and this time it was support work but due to having numerous lifetimes in which I did spiritual austerities it had softened the karma so that it didn’t kill me.

A few years later I had my first Jyotish reading with Shastri. It was extraordinary to hear about my connections with people in past lives, in my current life and what was the future would be like. Near the end of the reading, he asked if I had any questions and I asked him about why I got shot in this life. He asked me if I wanted to know where the karma came from, and I said “yes.”

Shastri’s method of doing the reading allowed him to get some very specific information about what had happened. He said, In the Middle Ages, you were practicing archery on the banks of the river Thames, and you accidentally killed this guy with an arrow. He has tried to kill you 10 times since and this time it was supposed to work but due to numerous lifetimes of spiritual austerities it softened the karma so that it didn’t kill you. I was utterly amazed! It was almost word for word what I had discovered myself with the muscle testing! Any doubts I may have had about reincarnation vanished in that moment.


Over the years Shastri and I had become quite good friends. So much so that we called each other brother. To my surprise he died a few months ago. I valued so much from both Jyotish readings, Shastri’s ongoing advice and the numerous kameshtis that he organized for me to attend in India that I started to try to find another really good Vedic Astrologer. I definitely wanted to be able to continue to get this invaluable guidance.  My experience with the kameshtis was that they powerfully transformed whatever aspect of my life was being dealt with by each one of them.

The guy who directed most of the kameshtis that I had done is named Guru Ji. I got in touch with him and asked him to refer me to one of the best Vedic astrologers that he knows. He recommended 3 of them. I arranged for readings with each of them. There were two women and their readings were acceptable but not extraordinary.

Ritesh Shukla

The third person is a man named Ritesh Shukla. Even before arranging for a reading he sent me a quite thorough overview of my Vedic Astrology chart and encouraged me to call him, which I did via zoom. We had a fabulous first conversation followed by another one the following day and we have been talking every day since. I am extremely impressed with the depth and unique approach to Jyotish readings that Ritesh has. Although his approach is not the same as Shastri’s it has its own precision and depth of insight that is exactly what I was looking for. And we hit it off.

One of my projects for the upcoming years is to update and modernize the entire Vedic literature. I’m going to do that without diluting the purity of the profound wisdom contained in it. And Ritesh is going to be a key member of my team for this extraordinary project. I was looking for someone who really understands the essence of the profound knowledge contained in the Vedas. Ritesh is someone who has such understanding better than anyone I have ever met. So, I am fortunate and honored to know him. He has agreed to be on my Vedic Institute team and will definitely be a leading member of that team.

Jyotish Readings

It is possible to have a Jyotish reading from Ritesh to find out what kinds of karmic influences are affecting you now and will be affecting you at specific times as you progress into the future. This involves a sophisticated method of calculating the returning influences of your past actions regardless of how far in the past those actions happened. He is very accurate and precise with these calculations. Vedic astrology is far more accurately predictive than Western astrology or Chinese Astrology.

If you have had aspects of your life that have been problematic in health, finances, relationships, career, etc. a Jyotish reading can provide insight into exactly what is causing the difficulties. In addition, the proper kameshti recommendations will be given so that you can have these negative karmic influences neutralized and the positive ones optimized.

The Updated Where to Start Chart

After I experienced my first Kameshti I was amazed at how powerful and effective it was. I realized that it adds a whole new dimension to the ability to solve problems and enrich your life. Part of the reason for this is that with IGO, the Pure Awareness Techniques and the Quantum Energy Optimizer (QEO) we can only resolve energies that are already in our body. The returning influences of past actions have either not reached us yet or they are reaching us constantly. The Pure Awareness Techniques and the QEO can only work for energies that have already reached us and can’t influence energy patterns that are continuously affecting us or that haven’t reached us yet. But kameshtis neutralize the negative karmic influences before they even reach us. This is truly remarkable. Learning about this inspired me to add the fifth layer to the Where to Start Chart which I call the Environmental Level. Here’s an updated version that now has the fifth level added but also the web version has links to some of the different categories of interventions and modalities on the right side. 

The Where to Start Chart

If you have a particular problem or problems that you haven’t been able to resolve with IGO and/or the QEO, you can muscle test to see if the issue is karmic and if the solution is available at the Environmental level. The starting point for exploring this as a possible solution is to have a Jyotish reading. And it is possible to have it with the best Jyotishi I’ve been able to find – Ritesh Shukla. And by the way, his English is excellent and is very easy to understand.

Ritesh is a reclusive guy and doesn’t promote himself much. However, he has agreed to allow me to tell you about him and arrange for you to have a reading if this appeals to you.

We had a zoom call on which I interviewed Ritesh about Jyotish readings. You can get a feel for him and his depth of knowledge of Vedic wisdom from it. We recorded the interview and it is available on my YouTube channel here –

Reading details

The reading typically lasts up to 2 hours.

The price of the reading is $500 USD.

Although Ritesh lives in India . He is also the News Editor & Global News Coordinator for the largest newspaper in India. He often interviews people from the USA and Europe, so he is quite typically available during his nighttime which is daytime in the USA. Readings for people living in other parts of the world are also possible. So, working out a good time for a reading with him is not difficult.

I think that you will find such a reading to provide you with more insight about what is happening in your life and what is coming in your future than with any other method I know of. This is highly compatible with and complimentary to our work with IGO.

Below is a link to the IGO shopping cart where you can book a reading with him. Once you do that we’ll send you an email requesting your birth information which will include your full name, where you were born and the date and time of your birth.

Then we will put you in touch with Ritesh to organize the timing of your reading. I’m confident that you are going to love this!

Ritesh makes a ton of rigorous calculations to make sure that everything in your Jyotish chart is correct.  He puts so much into each chart preparation and reading that he can only do 1 or 2 readings per day and I know lots of people are going to be booking readings with him. So, if you would like yours in the near future I suggest that you register right away as we will be scheduling the reading times in the order of the registrations. Here’s the shopping cart link –

Jyotish Reading with  Ritesh Shukla

After you register you should receive an email confirming your registration. (if for any reason you don’t get the autoresponder email from our system you can use the Contact Us form which you will find here – Contact Us). We will also get a copy of that email to let us know that you have registered. We will when send you the email mentioned above requesting your name and birth information. These are needed for the calculation of your Jyotish Chart. Then Ritesh will contact you to schedule your reading.

I found this to be one of the most fascinating, insightful and useful things I’ve ever done. I suspect you will too. Here’s the link again!

Jyotish Reading with  Ritesh Shukla


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