Awaken the Power of Ancient Wisdom within You

Awaken the Power of Ancient Wisdom within You

How to know exactly which days are best for planning and preparation and which days are best for actions to bring those plans into reality. This is highly individualized to you. See an example here

Planning and Implementation days chart

How to know your true purpose and best instincts for being able to actualize the fullest potential of your inner greatness. This is about having a personal –

Vedic Astrology Reading

(Vedic Astrology readings are also called a Scientific Life Assessment)

How to empower your resolve to bring about the best of anything in your life. Information about how you can benefit from a series of Vedic procedures called Kameshtis for empowering any or all areas of your life.  Now you can –

Neutralize bad karma and strengthen good karma

How to know exactly when to make love that will result in having a lovely baby who will lead a wonderful life of bliss and success.

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There is great knowledge about how to have an optimal life that is contained within certain ancient wisdom, but the problem is that it has long been not properly understood and therefore has been largely inaccessible.

The wisdom I’m talking about is the oldest knowledge about life on this planet. It is called the Vedas and it is at least 20,000 years old and may go back as much as 40,000 years. There is a saying that things that last longest are the closest to truth. This certainly seems to be the case with the Vedic knowledge!

When properly understood and used, Vedic knowledge can empower the user to transform any part of their life from suffering and limitation to joy, bliss and limitless possibilities. The power of the Vedic knowledge and procedures can greatly improve such aspects of life as –

  • Body, Mind & Soul
  • Family & wealth
  • Social Strength
  • Happiness
  • Creativity & Children
  • Protecting against Debt/Sickness/Enemies
  • Optimizing Relationships
  • Ensuring Long Life & Inheritance
  • Parents & Destiny
  • Profession
  • Profits
  • Minimizing Loss and Expenditure
  • And many others

There are two kinds of people who think that they know what the ancient wisdom of the Vedas is all about, but…  most of them don’t. These two kinds of people are the scholars who study and translate the ancient Vedic texts and the “Brahmin Priests” who perform the procedures described in the Vedic literature.

What’s been missing?

The scholars know the literal meanings of the words of the Vedas and can translate them from the original language which is Sanskrit into modern languages whether it be Hindi, English or any other language.  But such interpretations of the Vedas are lacking in the real depth of the true knowledge of what the original meaning really is. So although such translations may be technically accurate, they don’t provide enough of the real guidance needed to get and use the power of what’s actually in this wonderful ancient wisdom.

Those who perform the rituals and ceremonies, the Brahmin Priests, are focused on pronouncing and intoning the words of the Vedas and doing the various procedures that are supposed to provide the real values of this powerful ancient knowledge. But frequently, they are doing this in what we could call a mechanical way without understanding the true meaning of what they are chanting.

What’s needed to make the knowledge accessible and useful?

What’s needed is a fresh look at what the true wisdom of the Vedas really is. I have had the great good fortune to meet someone who has studied the Vedic knowledge in great depth and knows more about what it really is than anyone I’ve ever met. His name is Ritesh Shukla and he is rapidly gaining a reputation among the Vedic priests and scholars as being one of the most knowledgeable person about the correct interpretation of this powerful body of ancient wisdom. They now formally consider him their advisor.

Ritesh and I have become great friends and are working together to revise the correct understanding of the ancient Vedic wisdom and make it accessible to the people who are eager and ready for that in our modern times. In this video, Ritesh talks about some of these new updated interpretations of the ancient Vedic wisdom. Everyone is welcome to join this call and learn how to Awaken the Ancient Wisdom within themselves.

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