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Our first free app for the Android devices can be downloaded from Google Play at –

It is one of the 2 apps developed to support people who ready the new book slated to be published this summer (2017) by Jack Canfield with co-authors including Tom Stone. called Mastering the Art of Success. Tom’s chapter is about the importance of being able to trust and act on your intuition so that you make more right decisions. All successful people say that this is the main key to success. But one has known how to help people do that more consistently… until now!

Please spread the word via your social media, email lists, etc. about these great free resources and help us to fulfill our mission of removing the pain of the world.

Additional mobile apps are being created for the topics listed below and will be available soon. While they are in development you can still access them on your Android phone or tablet via our responsive website. You can also use our other free apps on a computer and recommend them to friends and family.

Computer versions

Vaporize Your Problems

Mastering the Art of Success

We add new free apps from time to time so check this index on the web site for the latest updates.

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