Extraordinary Coaching 1-on-1 Sessions

Certified Extraordinary Coaches have gone through extensive training and have resolved their own deepest traumas. They are highly skilled highly intuitive and very emotionally competent.

They use the simple but powerful Pure Awareness Techniques and a new process called WaveForm Optimizing to resolve or eliminate the energy patterns that are the real causes of your problems. 

This kind of coaching is unlike either traditional coaching or therapy. It is dramatically superior to anything like that. People who have coaching sessions from certified Extraordinary Coaches rave about how effective it is. They say this is what they have been looking for their whole life.

Clients experience getting solutions to problems that have been difficult or impossible to change with any previous method. They consistently say that they will never go back to traditional coaching or therapy because they feel that compared to Extraordinary Coaching those older methods are a waste of money. 

Individual coaching sessions have been reduced in price from $400 to only $350 per 1 hour session. This may seem high for an individual session, higher than other coaching or therapy sessions but it is still more cost effective because it is very common that major breakthroughs occur in every session, breakthroughs that even years of traditional coaching or therapy have not been able to solve. So it is ultimately cheaper, faster and more effective than other approaches. 

To book a session with a Certified Extraordinary Coach go to this catalog page – 1-on-1 Extraordinary Coaching Session

To speak with a Certified Extraordinary Coach before booking your session, fill out the form below and click SUBMIT. One of our Extraordinary Coach Coordinators will contact you to help you get someone who will be the ideal coach for you.

You can also save $200 by booking a package of 4 sessions for $1200 by using this link –

Extraordinary Coaching – 4 Session Package

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