WaveForm Optimizing

Inner Greatness Optimizing (IGO) used to be known as Human Software Engineering (HSE). We now use these terms interchangeably in different contexts.

WaveForm Optimizing

HSE has a powerful way that adds a whole new dimension to what you can do to support people in the transformation of their lives. It is called WaveForm Optimizing (WFO). It is something I created back in 1994, shortly after I got shot and before I ever had a device like the QEO.

Key points about WFO –

  • It’s easy!
  • It uses the physics principle of wave interference to cancel out or strengthen waves of energy.
  • It’s fast. Once you learn how to do it, it takes only a few minutes to cancel out an unwanted energy pattern.
  • As you don’t have to feel old emotional pain and complete it as with the IN Technique it is very useful for people who have had trouble with feeling IN technique energies or for people who have been taking a long time to complete an IN technique energy.
  • It can be used on many energies that would typically be considered to have more of a physical nature rather than emotional, often with surprising effectiveness.
  • You can also use it to strengthen positive energies.
  • It can also work for canceling the energy fields of OUT technique energies.
  • It is kind of like teaching your body how to be a QEO!

WFO has gone through some further upgrades and refinement. It is now more precise and powerful then before, and it was quite good before! 

Some of the things that have been integrated with WFO include:

  • The five element system from traditional Chinese medicine. This allows you to know exactly where the problematic energies are being stored. 
  • The principles of Coherent States from Quantum Physics, This allows the body to create the WaveForm that is needed as a super powerful pattern of vibrating consciousness. It’s the same principle that is used to create lasers but you learn how to have your body be able to create super powerful coherent WaveForms. 
  • Concepts and processes from homeopathy. You will learn how to have your body be able to create any remedy or any substance at any “potency.”  This integration of WFO and homeopathy makes the combination more powerful then either of them have been in the past. It is as if you have a limitless homeopathic pharmacy in your pocket!  

There is a video of a zoom call that was basically all demos using WFO. These demos are using a version of WFO that I had initially before these recent upgrades mentioned above were made. The level of precision and power of WFO now as mentioned is a huge upgrade from the initial version. 

The new upgraded version is taught in the Expert training as the course lessons advance. They have been consistently getting incredible breakthroughs even with the initial version of WFO. Some examples –

Fast Powerful Breakthroughs 

One student named Anna had very sore thighs after exercising too hard and the soreness wasn’t going away for many days. It took just a few minutes to do the WaveForm Optimizing for this and she reported at the class the next day that the soreness was completely gone.

Another student named Jenny had a problem with her menstrual period and she was bleeding for about 3 weeks. It has always been normal up until this happened. We again did WaveForm Optimizing in just a few minutes. We had a 2nd class on using WaveForm Optimizing to help remove the conditioning energy of the 12 Causes of Human Problems. This was about a month after the first WFO course in February. On the weekend of the second course, Jenny reported that her last period was completely normal. She was so happy!

Yet another student named Lucy had been having a pain in her chest for about 2 years and although she used the Pure Awareness Techniques on it numerous times, she still had the pain. Again using WFO she reported the next day that all the pain was gone!

Another of my students in China was getting having trouble walking up stairs. After just a couple of flights she would start pant and get out of breath. It would also take her quite a while to recover from this and get back to normal breathing. We did a WFO for her and then she went and tried the stairs. This time she climbed 6 flights and didn’t have any panting on the first five flights

One of my English speaking students was feeling stuck and couldn’t bring herself to do anything. I did a WFO with her and after just 2 minutes she opened her eyes and said, It just vanished. She also called me later that day and couldn’t stop raving about how great she was now feeling. 

The list goes on and on! And it is so rewarding to get these kinds of breakthroughs!!!

It is starting to look like we are indeed removing the pain of the world. 

In addition, getting the body to cancel out the energy of something unwanted usually takes only about 2 to 3 minutes once you have created the WaveForm using the Excel worksheet (which also only takes a few minutes). Pretty much  everyone who had a demo of WFO during that China class reported that they could feel the energy going away during the 2 or 3 minutes that it took for the body to cancel out the unwanted energy. These experiences were pretty dramatic.

I’ll give you a little background of how WaveForm Optimizing came into being and a little bit about the simple physics principles at its basis to provide an understanding of why this is such an important development.

How WFO was created

WaveForm Optimizing came into being shortly after I got shot. I had two surgeries – one immediately after being helicoptered to the hospital at the University in Iowa in Iowa City. In the first surgery they couldn’t get the bullet out as it was embedded in the bone behind my 5th lumbar and they would have had to chisel away too much bone to get it out. So, they tested that it wasn’t pressing on any nerves and just left it in and sewed me up.

But after a few weeks I started to get intense pains  shooting along the bottom of my right foot, so I went back to the hospital for a battery of tests. The neurosurgeon said after reviewing the tests that there was a possibility that if they did a second surgery and went in from the back that they could get the bullet out and doing this had perhaps a 10% chance of getting rid of the pain. Well, I thought that 10% was better than zero % so I decided to go for it.

When I was going in for the second surgery, I told my 8 year old daughter that I was going to become “unleaded.” We had a nice chuckle about it. Fortunately, the surgery did take away the pain completely. It turned out that as scar tissue had been  encapsulating the bullet it started to compress a nerve that went to my right foot so when the bullet and the scar tissue were taken away the pain was gone.

While I was recovering from this second surgery, I got a bad cold. A few years earlier I had been going to the conservatory of music in San Francisco where I was learning classical guitar and doing some composing. I had taken a course in musical acoustics and became intrigued to learn about all of the mathematics and physics principles involved with musical tones, scales and tuning systems. I loved this stuff. So I bought every book related to this topic that I could find and eagerly read them all.

I learned about tuning systems and created a guitar with a new 16 tone natural harmonic scale. But I was also very fascinated with the physics principle of wave interference. This is the principle that made it possible to make noise canceling headsets that were just coming into the market at about that time. I also learned meditation around that time and learned that there are ancient procedures that use sounds and other actions and utilize the  principles of wave Interference to cancel out what some people call bad karma.

As a result of all of this background I got the idea that what if I could get the body to produce the exact mirror image waveform of the energy field of the virus that was causing the cold. It seemed to me that if this could be done in the right way that the body could use the principle of wave interference to cancel out or at least weaken the energy field of the virus. My assumption was that if the energy of the virus was weaker  it might shift the balance of power and the immune system would have the upper hand and perhaps get rid of the virus more easily.

So, I created a first simple version of WaveForm Optimizing and tried it out on myself. I I was delighted when about a half hour later I didn’t feel sick anymore. The cold was gone, and it didn’t come back!

I felt like I had discovered something important, so I refined the process further and started to use it and teach it to others who had already learned muscle testing. The feedback was great. It wasn’t working just for me. Other people were also getting excellent results.

WaveForm Optimizing Devices

One of the students who came to take my seminar on WaveForm Optimizing was a former nun from Scotland. I got a letter from her a few months later with a copy of an article from a newspaper in the UK. She wrote a little note on the article that said- “See, I knew you were right. Here’s a machine that does the same thing!”

The article was about a device called the Bicom. It mentioned that there were scientific studies that showed that this device was highly effective for allergy therapy. In fact, in a study of 200 people the results were impressive. 82% were completely cured and no longer had allergy symptoms. Another 11% were improved and only 3 % relapsed or had no improvement. That’s very high efficacy!

Here’s the difference in before and after treatment for a skin allergy –

I had been having terrible allergies and hay fever for many years, so I was especially interested in finding out more about this device. I had been thinking I would have to invent a device but now perhaps I didn’t have to because someone already had done that.

The Bicom device was mentioned in the article but it didn’t mention the company that made it.  I did some further research and managed to find the company in Germany which was called Regumed. I was living in Iowa at the time. When I eventually called Regumed in Germany I was able to speak to someone there who spoke English pretty well.  I asked where In Iowa I could have a treatment with this device and the reply was – “We only have 5 Bicoms in the USA.

The closest one to me was in St. Louis in the office of an old chiropractor. So, I made an appointment and drove the 5 hours to St. Louis. I stayed 2 days and had a treatment each day. This chiropractor had minimal training on the device but even with the simple treatments that he gave me I had better results from this treatment than any of the other things I had tried like acupuncture, homeopathy, Ayurveda, traditional allergy shots, etc.

This was in the Springtime so I was definitely having symptoms. My allergy symptoms got quite a bit less after these two treatments and seemed to stay better for longer than anything I had tried before. So, I went back for an additional treatment at the beginning of the ragweed season in the early Fall. The results were very good again and unlike my friends who also suffered from allergies, my symptoms were minimal for the whole Fall season!

I was impressed so I arranged to purchase a used Bicom from the company and then went over to Germany to negotiate being their sales representative for the USA, Canada and Mexico. I was successful at becoming their representative. I also got to go back to Germany about 10 times during the year or two after becoming their representative to take seminars on how to use the Bicom. I would take a seminar and then go back to the USA and teach that seminar a week or two later. It was an amazing learning curve.

With the original way that I created WaveForm Optimizing it would take me about 10 to 15 minutes to find the details of the waveform of what I wanted to change and then do a series of healing modalities  to activate the body to create the desired waveform and resulting effect. This was before I had the IN and OUT Techniques.

But with the Bicom I could do thousands of frequencies in seconds. Eventually I found another company to make the QEO and its earlier version called the WaveMaker Pro.

Debugging Emotional Energies

Over a period of about a year or more I experimented with trying to cancel out the energy of emotions such as anger or fear using the Bicom.. It seemed like it was working but people would come back a couple of weeks later and say that the emotional problem was still there. I was perplexed by this but eventually I had the realization that the IN and OUT Techniques are not about canceling out the energies of emotions. They work in a different way.

The IN Technique is for completing incomplete experiences of overwhelming emotions. It’s not for canceling out the energy of such emotions, it is for when you experience some emotional stress that is just too much to process when it happens, so you archive the unresolved part of the energy, the part that was just too much to process at the time it happened. And you hold this unresolved disruptive emotional  energy in your body. What is needed is to finish the incomplete experience of the emotional pain so thoroughly that the pain is really gone and doesn’t come back. Then it is gone, you experience Pure Awareness.

With the OUT Technique, you are extracting yourself from the cloud of emotional energy that radiates out from the body into the space around you, surrounding and engulfing you. You are inside of this energy cloud, and you see the world through it. It’s like having dark glasses on. Being inside of this kind of energy field causes you to start to feel like being in this field is just a part of your life and you become used to it being there. Basically, you become identified with the energy field and the reactive emotional story that causes you to create it. When you go outside of the energy cloud during the OUT Technique, the moment you go into Pure Awareness, you instantly stop being identified with the qualities of the energy cloud and you begin to see clearly what is real. The reality is that you are the limitlessness of Pure Awareness and you are not that cloud of energy.

So I came to understand that neither the IN or OUT Technique energies are there to be canceled out. However, I did find that the energies of the conditioning of the 12 causes of human problems were good candidates for canceling out their energy patterns with the WaveMaker Pro. That’s done in a different way that does use the principles of wave interference and how to this will be taught in the WFO Expert Training program.

In addition I have found that since upgrading the way that WFO is done that in most cases it now can be used to cancel out and/or amplify the energies of a much broader range that I got in the past with the early version of WFO or with the WFO Devices like the Bicom. This is because of the many new resources such as the Coherent States and Homeopathy principles that are now integrated with the new upgraded version of WEO.

The WaveMaker Pro Device

For many years I was selling WaveMaker Pro devices and a smaller version called just the WaveMaker plus associated test kits and giving training programs in how to use this kind of equipment.

But some years ago I changed the business model. I don’t sell the devices anymore. The next phase of the business will be more like a franchise that will include use of a QEO and the new Epere Device. and the associated test kits. The use of the devices will be in centers called World Wellness Centers. Our plan is to open 35,000 such centers all over the world in the coming 15 years. We will also use WFO in the World Wellness Centers. 

The World Wellness Centers will provide simple applications of the QEO or similar devices that solve problems that are simple to solve with short uses of the device, problems that effect large percentages of the population, that can be inexpensive and that typically produce very noticeable results very quickly. We have identified several applications of the technology that meet these criteria.

For more complex or highly individualized problems we now can use Waveform Optimizing. This is one reason that I want to have everyone who is learning Extraordinary Coaching to also add this wonderful method to your toolbox as soon as possible.

I originally started to create this webpage on February 27, 2022 in the USA. I had to interrupt my writing  about it in order to teach the 2nd class of my Waveform Optimizing (WFO) class for my advanced students in China. 

I mostly did demos to show examples of using WFO. I was eager to see what kind of results we might get. – Wow! Mind blowing! The results are exceeding what I had been hoping would occur!!! And some of them are happening in just 2 to 3 minutes

The WaveForm Optimizing Worksheet

The WFO process requires muscle testing to find the specific details of the patterns of energy that create the waveform of unwanted energies. It appears to be the case that becoming aware of the precise wave pattern of energy that is causing the problem helps the body to get rid of it. In the 4 lesson training that is now available I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.

We also now have an Excel spreadsheet that can be used to create graphs of the waveforms. A screen shot of this WFO worksheet is shown below We can now muscle test frequencies and amplitudes and the Excel template creates a graph of the waveform that we want to cancel or strengthen. It is great as this allows us to see exactly what the waveform we want the body to create looks like. Then there is a very effective simple method for getting the body to produce that waveform in just the right way to create the desired result.

This is a wonderful development and a fantastic tool to add to your practice, whatever kind of help you provide to your clients. 

The course is comprised of recorded video classes and because the classes are video recordings you can take them at your own pace.  Each class is about 2 and 1/2 hours in duration. You will learn the basics in the first class and will be able to start to use  WFO immediately.

Access to the classes of the upgraded version of WFO is covered by the course fee. This should make it easily affordable for everyone. You won’t want to miss this!!!

Pre-requisites – In order to do WFO you need to know how to do muscle testing. The graining in muscle testing is included in the Freedom Practice Training. If you have not taken it that training is the main prerequisite for taking WFO. It is also highly recommended that you also take the Extraordinary Coach Training (ECT) which includes learning how to coach others using the IGO protocol. In addition, the ECT includes learning how to reduce the severity of 21 symptoms of PTSD and get them permanently down to zero. 

You will need to have Microsoft Excel in order to use the spreadsheet for creating the waveform graphs like the one shown above. 

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