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Emotions and High Blood Pressure

Background and Instructions

According to the World Health Organization, high blood pressure is estimated to cause 7.5 million deaths which is about 12.8% of the total of all deaths in the world each year. So this is a serious problem! Although scientific research hasn’t yet specifically quantified the relationship between chronic stress and high blood pressure most people have a sense that there is a significant relationship between the two. After all it is called “hyper-tension.” But there is new research called the ACE Study (Adverse Childhood Experiences Study) that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that unresolved stress from early childhood traumas is clearly the cause of a wide range of mental and physical health problems and even a cause of having a shortened life span. So science is beginning to quantify this relationship between stress and health problems. Our new techniques for reducing stress and emotional reactivity have been shown to really help people handle their stress much better than they could in the past and this has a very good possibility of resulting in lowering your high blood pressure. This is why we are providing this assessment so that you can start to dramatically reduce your stress levels using our new highly effective techniques and then see if and to what extent that lowers your blood pressure.

Stress Has Content and Energy

Most approaches try to resolve stress by understanding what’s causing it and trying to make changes via intellectual understanding. This isn’t very effective. That’s because the real problem with stress is the energy that gives the stress it’s life! With our new techniques you will learn how to resolve the energy of your stresses so that they are really gone… for good! It’s a new technology that allows you to guide yourself through new powerful experiential techniques that teach you how to feel and complete the experience of the sensation of the energy of your stress. You’re going to be amazed at both how simple it is and how incredibly effective it is.

Cured Himself of PTSD – Unheard Of!

The guy who created these techniques Tom Stone (see Tom’s Story) discovered how to do them in the process of seeking and finding a cure for his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that he had after getting shot in the chest by a deranged stranger with a .44 caliber hand gun. He miraculously didn’t get killed from this assault and in his recovery figured out how to do something unheard of… he completely cured himself of PTSD. The psychological community believes that that’s not possible but he’s the living proof that they are wrong. They just don’t know how to do it… but he does and he’s techniques are what’s in the free app that you can use right here on this site. So who would you rather learn how to handle your stress from, some one who learned from books or someone who actually cured himself of the enormous stresses of PTSD?

The Question of Medication

If you are taking blood pressure medication and you take advantage of some of the IGO programs your blood pressure may go down to the point that you can reduce or even eliminate the need for blood pressure medication. Your doctor may not believe that this is even possible but that’s because our new techniques are not widely known about yet. However, if you start to feel that you don’t really need the blood pressure medication after using some of the IGO programs and services, talk with your doctor about the possibility of reducing or getting off of the medications. They may start to make your blood pressure too low if you aren’t making it high from the tension and stress that are no longer there. The problem with medication is that although it may very well lower your blood pressure, it clearly isn’t resolving the real cause of the high blood pressure because you have to keep taking it in order to keep the blood pressure in check. With IGO we are getting to and resolving one of the true main causes of this wide-spread problem.

Consult Your Doctor Before Making Any Changes to Your Medication

We of course can’t advise you to reduce or stop your medication but if you start to feel like you don’t need it, discuss it with your doctor and see if it might be possible to reduce the amount and eventually get off of it completely.

A Simple 2 Step Process

There are 2 steps to this assessment and stress reduction process. Step 1. The first step is to take your blood pressure, then take the assessment below and enter your initial blood pressure reading values. Then start to take advantage of the special IGO resources that you will find recommended on your personal results page. Regardless of your initial assessment score we recommend that you start by using the free Inner Guidance App that you can access here called – Vaporize Your Stress. But take the assessment first so that you will be able to see the quantified comparison between before and after you use the app. Use the app several times to resolve as many of your stresses as you can on your own. If you want additional help we have Certified Inner Greatness Coaches who can help you. See – Certified Inner Greatness Coaches Step 2. Take the your blood pressure reading again after completion of using the IGO resource. Then take the assessment again and enter you new blood pressure values. Then you’ll be able to compare your previous blood pressure reading with the new one and see if it goes down. To take the blood pressure assessment again, use the assessment titled Blood Pressure Assessment Step 2.

Go Through These 2 Steps Several Times

Of course we all know that individual readings don’t mean that much because there are so many factors influencing you at any given moment when you take your blood pressure reading. So we suggest that you go through these 2 steps numerous times. Use the free app here on the web site until you feel you have gotten all of the benefit from that that you can get. Then check out the other resources and see it you make even more progress. This is a process of resolving what are very likely the real causes of your high blood pressure but it’s going to take a bit of work on your part because you’ve certainly got more than one stress contributing to the chronic stress picture that’s causing your blood pressure to be high.

Blood Pressure – an Indicator of How Well You Are Handling Your Stress

In this sense your blood pressure reading is a measurement of how well you are handling your emotional stress, or not handling it as the case may be, and to what extent you still have accumulated unresolved stresses held in your body. Just imagine if you cleaned up most of or even all of the stress that you’ve been holding onto from the past! And also imagine for a moment if you got really good at resolving stress immediately when it happens! Regardless of whether this ends up helping you lower your blood pressure or not (although it very likely will), it’s going to definitely improve the overall quality of your life so why not give it a try?

Step 1

Here’s step 1 where you indicate the range of your most recent blood pressure reading. [assessment name=’Blood Pressure’ scores=”50,25,0″] @ Select your systolic pressure. That’s the first number in the 120/80 pair -less than 120 mmHg -120–139 mmHg -140 mmHg or higher @ Select your diastolic pressure. That’s the second number in the 120/80 pair -less than 80 mmHg -80-89 mmHg -90 mmHg or higher [/assessment]
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