Certified Inner Greatness Coaches

We are fortunate to have a group of well-trained, highly experienced coaches who have also had specific additional training in the details of how to support people who have used the Inner Guidance apps for any of the topics within our system. If you have had any problems with resolving depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, resentments, heartbreak, nightmares, grief or stress they are superbly qualified and experienced at helping you to get the breakthroughs you need to fully resolve any of these issues. They can also provide coaching for any other issue or topic you would like to work on. Each of them have been doing this work for many years, have many very happy clients and they have been personally reviewed and certified by Tom Stone – the Creator of Inner Greatness Optimizing. Below are their profiles. There’s a profile page for each of them so you can take a look and see who you would like to work with.  Hover over the picture and click “Learn more” to access their individual profile page. You might also like to have a session with more than one coach if you resonate with more than one of them so that you can experience working with them and get a good sense of who is the optimal coach for you. Everyone has lots of unresolved disruptive emotions and many times a lot of them are pretty well suppressed but still undermining different aspects of your life. All of these coaches are really skilled at getting to the real root causes of the limitations and problems in your life and using the unique tool set of Inner Greatness Optimizing to get rid of the real barriers causing these limitations and problem so that you get the breakthroughs you need. You can be assured of the highest quality of coaching from any of the coaches on our team. Please note: coaches are listed alphabetically.
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