(2 Step) Blood Pressure Assessment

Step 2

This version of the blood pressure assessment is for being able to see how you are progressing with reducing the stresses that have been causing you to have high blood pressure. You take this assessment after using some of the IGO resources to resolve the emotional stress and conditioning that has been at the real root cause of your high blood pressure.

Take the assessment again and you can enter your new blood pressure readings and see the comparison.

[assessment name='(2 Step) Blood Pressure’ 10_bar=”true”]

@ Do you tend to be chronically stressed?
@ Do you typically feel like you just have too much to do?
@ Do you have trouble saying “no” to people when they ask you to do things for them?
@ Do you have trouble relaxing?
@ Are you a workaholic?
@ Do you frequently feel anxious?
@ Do you frequently feel depressed?
@ Do you feel discouraged or negative about your life?
@ Is your relationship causing you stress?
@ Do you drink alcohol to relieve your stress?
@ Are you a smoker?


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