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This is a new program with an unusually special message here today and you will want to read it all.

Thousands of years ago, there were some very wise and sensitive “seers” who could look at something or even just think of something and hear the sound of the vibration of that thing.

That sound was the natural name for that thing because it was the very pattern of vibrating consciousness that was the thing itself. This was how the Sanskrit language was created. It would be even more accurate to say that Sanskrit was perceived rather than created as the vibrations that are the things in the world are the totally natural names of those things. There is no difference between the name and the form.

These ancient wise men discovered that there was also a kind of recorded “movie” of everything that has ever happened and will happen in the future. It is known as the Akashic Records.

These wise men were so aligned with nature that they could tune into any part of that movie and know what happened in the past and what will be happening in the future in anyone’s life.

Modern interpreters of this information from the past and future are called Nadi Astrologers. Some of this “Nadi” information has been recorded on palm leaves or strips of palm bark and preserved for centuries.

Why is this important? It is important because you may be a reincarnation of one of these ancient “rishis” as they are called. But you may not yet have awakened to know yourself to be one of them.

An example may help to explain this. I happened to have a “reading” with a modern Nadi Astrology in 1997. I was living in Fairfield, Iowa at the time and a Nadi Astrologer named Shastri came to town to give individual “readings” for people. I knew a little bit about this and so jumped at the chance and got the first reading in Shastri’s schedule.

Prior to this, in 1993 I had had the bizarre experience of being shot in the chest right at my front door by a deranged stranger. The gun used by the assailant was a .44 caliber handgun. That’s a powerful gun. Hunters used them for killing bears, so it is a total miracle that it didn’t kill me.

I had learned muscle testing in a course just a few months before this and I had learned how to test for things from previous lives. It was to test for the century, the country and the circumstances. While recovering from the surgery that I had experienced right after I had been shot I was curious and so I had tested that the origin the karma was from the Middle Ages. I had been practicing archery in London and this guy who shot me in 1993 had been a serf who was picking up the arrows. He had stepped out from behind the target at just the wrong time and I had missed the target and hit him in the jugular vein and instantly killed him. Even though it was an accident, it was still a karmic debt. I then tested that he had tried to kill me in several different lifetimes since and this time it was supposed to work but due to several lifetimes of spiritual austerities, it softened the karma so that it didn’t kill me.

At one point near the end of the reading Shastri asked I had any questions. I said yes, what about this getting shot in 1993. And Shastri said in his thick Indian accent, “Oh, you’d like to know where the karma came from?”

I said yes and Shastri looked in his stack of palm bark strips. In a few moments he said. “Here it is.”

And he then said almost word or word what I had tested during my recovery in the hospital. I was blown away!

My belief in reincarnation was immediately solidified. As I left my reading I said to Shastri, “Is it the case that we as the Rishi’s of ancient times, cognized these ancient truths and recorded them for our own benefit in the now?”

“Yes, he said. That exactly how it is.”

So, it occurred to me to share this with you because I have a sense that many of the people who have been studying with me are perhaps also “rishis” who are just in the process of waking up to what they really are. You very well could be one of them and if you are then this email may be an important part of your awakening process.

So during the upcoming Health and Happiness 1 course we will be going some debugging and upgrading of your inner human software to facilitate you waking up to the reality of what you truly are.

This will not be the whole agenda of the course but it will be certainly one of the most important parts of what we will be doing.

Other aspects of the course will include topics such as opening the organs of elimination including the intestines, the lungs, the liver, and the kidneys. We will also be debugging and upgrading any disruptive emotional energy patterns interfering with the optimal functioning of these organs.

People tend to live largely from their conditioning, and this has a tendency to lock people into habits of unhealthy functioning.

This course will also serve as a preparation for Health and Healing 2 which will be taught by our Vedic Astrologer dear friend Ritesh Shukla and his wife Reena. Ritesh has extensive knowledge of Azur Vedic practices for optimizing proper eating, digestion and functioning of the body and Reena is a terrific Indian food cook! So Health and Happiness 2 will be a fantastic 40 week follow up to Health and Happiness 1.

Every great healing tradition has its methods of detoxifying the body.

This is true for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Ayurvedic Medicine, and modern naturopathy.

The creators of these healing systems all have procedures for riding the body of accumulated toxins. If they did not, it would be like trying to flush the toilet when the sewer is stopped up. Not a pretty site.  It is also the case that the wise men and women who created these great healing traditions had a deep understanding of the role or emotions in causing or contributing to physical illnesses.

We will be using the Pure Awareness Techniques, WaveForm Optimizing and Results Now processes during these trainings. This will all be prepared for you prior to the classes. You won’t have to learn how to do the WFO processes just how to use the results.

In this first phase of Health and Happiness 1 we are going to explore what can be done to optimize –

The Intestines

Holding on – Constipation



Letting go- Diarrhea


The Lungs – Environmental toxins


The Liver



The Kidneys


Sexual Vitality


Schedule –


Version 1 = 5 Sundays

1 to 2:30 – 3:30 to 5 Pacific Time


Register for version 1 – English only


PRICE – $597

Or five payments of $147 = $735


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