*You own a business – But do you trust yourself?*

There’s a lot here! But I hope you will find it interesting enough to read the whole thing.

I have written a story about a new program that expresses a lot of the work I have been doing over the past 30 years in the development of Inner Greatness Optimizing. I have finally put much of this development work into one comprehensive program. It is called the One-year Fast-track to Enlightenment, Perfect Health & Wealth Program.

I decided to put a lot about it in the story below just as a fun way of telling you about it; I hope you enjoy it! 

The story’s about the owner of a small business. His name is Roger.

His business was doing OK but not growing at the rate he would like.

He was doing well enough that he was able to book a few days off and go for a short vacation with your wife.

On the last day of the vacation, she suggested they go out to dinner and then go for a ride in a private plane and see the sunset and twilight from the sky.

It sounded like an excellent idea to Roger, and he loved to please her when possible, so they just finished a lovely dinner and went up in the air to view the beautiful sunset.

As the twilight started glowing in the distance, all of a sudden, Roger got an exciting idea of something he could do in his business that might give an excellent expansion of revenue and profits.

But will it work? Will it be successful?

In the past, he had what he thought were some excellent ideas. Some of them he followed, but they didn’t work. He had other ideas, but he had doubts about them and often didn’t follow those ideas.

Later, when he found out his intuition was spot on, he could kick himself for not acting on those ideas.

So even though Roger was a bit excited about this new Twilight-inspired idea, he decided not to share it with his wife but to keep it to himself and talk it over with his head of operations tomorrow when he got home.

Maybe that will bring the clarity he hoped for to make a good decision. There’s some risk involved, but it could be fantastic if it worked.

Roger often found himself making decisions the way his father and grandfather had done. They didn’t do that well financially, but they influenced Roger’s ways of thinking and deciding. Frequently with not such great results.

So, the next day after Roger got home, he called Stanley, his head of operations, and asked him to meet for a coffee.

Stanley has been doing something for the last couple of months and seems more relaxed and energetic. He also seemed more productive of late.

They met at a favorite local coffee shop, and Roger was eager to share his twilight idea with Stanley. But first, Roger couldn’t help but comment on how much better Stanley seemed.

His energy and vitality seem to have been noticeably upgraded. And he seemed to be managing the operations more smoothly than previously.

When Roger mentioned that Stanley seemed different, better than before, Stanley said he has been eager to share what he is doing.

He said that he discovered a program called the One-year Fast-track to Enlightenment, Perfect Health & Wealth, and he is so glad that he joined the program because he’s feeling better in his body, and he seems to be getting more and more clarity as the program progresses.

He said that his training is pretty much all online, with recorded video classes that he can watch on his own time at home, making it easy to take the training.

He said he is learning how to eat differently so the body can properly detoxify. But he said one of the things he likes the best is that it seems much easier to make the right decisions about many things in his life, not just in the business.

He told Roger that he could use more clarity about this new Twilight idea.

Roger felt optimistic about the things that Stanley was saying. Stan pulled out some of his course material from the training from his briefcase. This was something from the One-year Fast-track to Enlightenment, Perfect Health & Wealth program. Roger managed to put up with the word enlightenment even though he wasn’t into that kind of stuff.

Stanley proceeded to show Roger some Decision Influences Assessment charts (DIAs). He said that these charts show the influences on us of the four main kinds of thoughts that impact our decision-making process. The training materials showed what they are:

  1. Practical thoughts
  2. Intuitive thoughts
  3. Ego-based thoughts
  4. Emotional-pain-based thoughts

The first chart examined how these four thoughts influence most people’s decisions. Here’s what it looked like.

The chart was made by a firm that has prepared hundreds of DIAs, so they know where most people are stronger and weaker.

Stan’s training materials went on to show the DIAs of several famous and successful people.

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computer, has a DIA that looks quite different from the world’s average. Here’s Steve’s DIA.

You could easily see that his intuition score was way higher than the world average. And the 66 isn’t even 100, and yet Steve founded what has become one of the biggest companies in the world. Imagine what might happen to our business if you could trust your intuition like he did!

And the quote from Steve about his intuition is a famous one. Roger had heard it before, but he couldn’t see how to improve his ability to do what Jobs had said, which was –

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

They somehow already know what you truly want to become.
Everything else is secondary.

Steve Jobs
Founder of Apple Computer


This was followed by a quote and the DIA of Oprah Winfrey, a famous TV talk show host who apparently became a multi-billionaire.

Apparently, Oprah said this –

Follow your instincts.
That’s where true wisdom manifests itself.

Oprah Winfrey
Famous TV Talk Show Host

Again, quite different from the world average ranges.

And it’s not only about business. Here’s the DIA of the famous scientist Albert Einstein.

His take on intuition is this.

The only real valuable thing is intuition.

Albert Einstein

Einstein’s DIA level of influence of intuitive thoughts – 85 – is among the highest of anyone’s.

Although these and other famous and successful people somehow have discovered how to trust and act on their intuition more than most “common folk,” they don’t have much advice on improving your ability to get more clarity between your intuitive thoughts and your ego-base thoughts.

So most people have no clue how to do that.

Stan’s training materials went on to say that this happens for one simple reason. When you are an infant, you often get emotionally overwhelmed. Nobody likes it. We hate it. And this all happens even before we learn how to talk!

The result is that we have many experiences of being emotionally overwhelmed. Still, because this happened before we had language to put words to it, we don’t even realize that we have an inner emotional landscape filled with energy patterns of suppressed emotions.

Some thoughts that we think might not be useful, like fear, can be helpful if they warn us and help us not to get harmed.

So the problem for most people is that they don’t know how to distinguish between their thoughts and how they impact their decisions. And it isn’t about recognizing the difference between the thoughts so that you don’t act on the ego-base and emotional-pain-based ones. They will repeatedly show up if you don’t experientially resolve the energy based on such thoughts. Forcing yourself not to think them is a band-aid and eliminating the suppressed emotional energy is a CURE! That’s because you no longer have thoughts based on that pattern. It is gone for good.

Stanley stopped at this point in our coffee conversation and told Roger that it seemed like this was precisely the problem he was having with his “twilight idea” from last night. He said, “You don’t know whether to go with your idea or your doubts about it. All your thoughts just seem “normal” to you. But this causes you not to trust yourself. It forces you to doubt yourself. And that makes it hard to know what to do.

What I’ve been learning how to do from one of the training programs in the One-year Fast-track to Enlightenment, Perfect Health & Wealth program is from an app in the program called The Freedom Practice. It shows you how to find and eliminate the hidden suppressed emotional energy patterns cluttering your inner emotional landscape. Most people don’t even know they have an internal emotional landscape littered with emotional landmines.

Everyone needs a systematic way to access the unresolved, suppressed emotions in their inner emotional landscape and resolve them so they stop causing them to have so many ego-base and emotional-pain-based thoughts. I have great respect for you, boss, but it is those thoughts that are what are causing you to doubt yourself.

Your intuitive thoughts are already there, but it is as if your ego and emotional-pain-based thoughts are covering them up.

What I am experiencing is that as I clean up my inner emotional landscape using the Freedom Practice app, it seems to be allowing me to go with my intuition more of the time. That’s why things have been improving with our operations. I think you can see and feel the difference.

Roger had to admit that the business operations had seemed to be getting better over the past weeks and was wondering how that was happening. What Stan was showing him made a lot of sense.

Then Stan said to Roger, You know my girlfriend, Paula. Well, she tried a session of what the pogrom calls the Results Now process. She had trouble with her right shoulder and couldn’t lift her arm past a certain point.”

He told Roger that she had taken just one session online over Zoom and didn’t even have to go to a clinic for physical therapy. During that one session, she got rid of the restriction and could lift her right arm way above her head with no limitation or resistance and no pain.

Roger said, “Wow! Really? That sounds like a great innovation. My wife could use something like that!”

This is fascinating, Stan. How do I find out more about this program?”

And Stan replied, “There is limited seating in the program so that the presenters can support and mentor people when needed. It also requires a short Zoom call with the guy who developed all of this. His name is Tom Stone, and you must fill out a request form online and arrange a short private consultation so he can determine if you are a good fit for getting one of the limited seats, assuming they still have any left. I’ll send you the link to the webpage with the request form, and you can see if there are still openings.”

The story stops here.. And although it is a fictional story, II would also add that I have had experiences of having intuitive thoughts about business ideas. I’ve been able to trust and follow such ideas with excellent results. 

The ideas don’t always come from inside of you. Sometimes they might get triggered by reading something or a suggestion from someone. 

That happened to me when a friend suggested that I offer training on how to resolve PTSD to military veterans. I did that and held extensive training in San Diego and Denver. There were about 100 attendees at each of these trainings, and they generated over $100,000 in revenue. 

So learning to follow your intuition more consistently is an excellent consequence of this unique program. It’s the primary factor in growing your business into something you have only dreamed about in the past. 

There’s a link to a webpage below with a list of the various unique training programs included in the One Year Fast-track to Enlightenment, Perfect Health & Wealth program, with links to the pages with more detailed information about each one.

There is also a request form to provide your name and email and a description of what’s happening in your life and why you are interested in this program.

Programs included in the One-year Fast-track Enlightenment, Perfect Health & Wealth Program



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