The True Root Causes of Challenging Emotional Problems

And how to resolve them… easily!


Each of us experiences an array of emotions, and along a spectrum of emotional intensity.  Emotions such as anger, overwhelm, sadness, fear, and anxiety can disrupt our ability to live peacefully and have a happy and productive life.

If you are feeling any of these emotions consistently, you might believe that they are both impossible to resolve and that you are destined to feel these painful feelings for the rest of your life. Using the Inner Greatness Optimizing techniques, you no longer need to align with these beliefs.

The Energetic Connection

The root cause of those persistent emotions is found when you connect with the energetic basis of the emotions. Most of us know what these painful feelings feel like, but we don’t know what to do to quickly stop feeling them. With Inner Greatness Optimizing, you learn the key to eradicating them: locating the energetic pattern of the painful emotions and eliminating it; thus, eliminating the painful emotion itself. The technique for finding where the energy patterns is stored in your body is called the LOCATE technique. The Technique for eliminating it is called the IN Technique.

The LOCATE technique is a process whereby you tell the body to show you where the energy of that emotion is in your body. To use the LOCATE technique effectively though, you must have the intention to allow your body to show you where the energetic pattern lives in your body.

Most people attempt to resolve painful emotions intellectually. This doesn’t work because eliminating the energy of emotional pain is not an intellectual process. Rather, it is an energetic elimination of the pain that rids us of it. It can be valuable to understand why the search for a psychological explanation is so common among us. The way to understand this is to examine one of the 12 Causes of Human Problems: Suppression and Avoidance.  Suppression and avoidance can also be referred to as resisting feeling things fully. This cause of human problems is created by being emotionally overwhelmed repeatedly when we are very young and not knowing how to effectively cope with those overwhelming emotions.

It is important that you understand that this process doesn’t involve looking for the cause intellectually. You don’t need to understand it from a psychological perspective. You only need to find the energy pattern that is causing the experience of it seeming so difficult.

Deep Conditioning

As a young child, when we became emotionally overwhelmed, we accumulated unprocessed emotional energy patterns in our bodies. Unfortunately, the majority of us have been deeply conditioned to do this time and time again.

The fundamental problem with this deep conditioning to avoid feeling, is that in order to truly know something, we have to be able to experience it. For example, you can’t know what the taste of a strawberry is if you have never tasted it. The intellectual description of the taste; sweet, tart, juicy, etc. doesn’t really mean anything to you until you have tasted a strawberry.

One of the main consequences of this deep conditioning is that if you don’t know something through direct experience, then you are left with only being able to intellectually understand it; much like the difference between sympathy and empathy. Sympathy is when you share the feelings of another because you have experienced something similar and empathy is when you can only intellectually understand the feelings of another and are without direct experience. This emotional inexperience is one of the central causes of emotional incompetence, and it is why psychological approaches are not very effective for really resolving emotional problems. 

Being able to recognize that you are trying to intellectually eliminate something you haven’t yet experienced and then being able to shift to directly experiencing the sensation of the energy pattern of whatever it is that you are looking for, is one of the most important skills for gaining true emotional competence. This is the outcome of doing what we call the Freedom Practice; a practice where a person connects with the internal and/or external patterns of energy associated with a feeling and then eliminates the patterns of energy; thus eliminating the problem.

The Components of Emotions

When we speak about emotions, it is important to understand that emotions have two components: content and energy. The content is the intellectual part and is experienced with the mind. The energy of the emotion is what creates the emotional sensation in or around your body and is what gives life to the emotional problem. When there is no energy, then there is no problem. Learning how to resolve the energy of the emotion is infinitely more effective than attempting to intellectually resolve it through understanding its content, origin, or cause. 

The original circumstances that caused the problem are in the past; even if they just occurred a few moments ago. But you stored the energy of the unresolved emotion in your body because it was just too much for you to feel when it happened. 

We know from physics that everything is a pattern of energy and that’s all that it really is. When you find the right energy pattern and resolve it, then the problem is typically gone. There’s nothing to give life to it any more. 

It will be of great value for you to really get this, not only for resolving your current issue but for anything that comes up in the future. This is a primary key to being able to free yourself from being the victim of your emotions. 

The Solution

In order to effectively resolve this problem, you have to overcome the default nature of the conditioning that causes you to automatically resort to attempting to solve the problem intellectually. The conditioning that causes you to do that is so embedded in you that you do it without realizing that you are doing it. So you need to go through a process of making this unconscious habit conscious. You have to be able to notice that you are doing it in order to be able to stop and shift to resolving the emotion in a new and much more effective way.

This can be accomplished by learning and doing what we call the Freedom Practice. And you can learn more about how to make the Unconscious – Conscious here – How to Make the Unconscious – Conscious.

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