The Quantum Leap Program

Your body is very wise. It knows which pattern of vibrating awareness is the next most important one to resolve to make it possible for you to experience living in Pure Awareness all the time. And it knows which one is next after that and then the next, etc.

How do we find them and resolve them in the right sequence? – The obvious answer is muscle testing of course. But there can be subtleties that can get in the way, so having years of experience in finding and getting any blockages out of the way can be very valuable.

This is why I have created the Quantum Leap program. In this program I take you through a sequence of sessions each one being the next most important one to resolve. There has never been a faster way to get to living in Pure Awareness all the time. This is highly synergistic with the Perfection & True Awakening Program. Taking both at the same time will give you the fastest pace of evolution. Learn more about the Perfection & True Awakening Program here –

Perfection & True Awakening



Quantum Leap Program Sessions per session price Total You get

1 $ 247.00 $ 247.00 Just to try it out

5 $ 149.00 $ 745.00 5 quantum leaps

10 $ 129.97 $ 1,297.00 The best deal



To register for the Quantum Leap Program if you bank in the USA you can send the appropriate amount via zelle to us at [email protected]. If you need help in how to do that, let me know and I’ll help you.

If you are not banking in the USA then you can send your payment via PayPal and again if you need help in doing that, just let me know and I’ll assist you in getting that done. It’s pretty simple. The options are below – Sessions per session price Total Registration links 1 $ 247.00 $ 247.00 1 Quantum Leap 5 $ 149.00 $ 745.00 5 Quantum leaps 10 $ 129.97 $ 1,297.00 10 Quantum leaps

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