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Detailed Explanations

The Pure Awareness Techniques

The Pure Awareness Techniques are sometimes referred to by other names depending on the context in which they are being used. Some of the other names are:

The Conquer PTSD Techniques
The Extraordinary Leadership Techniques
The Inner Greatness Optimizing Techniques
The Human Software Engineering Techniques
The Emotional Mastery Techniques

Audio Instructions

The Pure Awareness Techniques are easiest to do with your eyes closed. So we created a special audio player that allows you to guide yourself through listening to a series of audio instructions by clicking on a button on your computer screen or tapping the button on your mobile device to get the next audio instruction  for that specific technique. This can easily be done while keeping your eyes closed. 

You can see the index of links for accessing these instructions here – 

Inner Guidance App Technique Index

You can guide yourself through the techniques at your own pace by clicking or tapping on the START button to play the first instruction. Some of the audio clips are just information and some are instructions of what to do. You can then hover the cursor or a thumb or finger over the NEXT button and click it when you are ready to hear the next audio clip. 

When you have finished following an instruction you can click again on the NEXT button to hear the next clip. This allows you to do the technique with your eyes closed which is the optimal way to do them.

Human Problems

Inner Greatness Optimizing is a process of identifying and resolving the sources of problems in human life. What this means is that the vast majority of problems have at their basis what are called depleting emotions or disruptive emotions. These are emotions that are not useful to you. They get in your way and interfere with clear thinking and decision making.

The researchers at Inner Greatness Global have discovered a set of experiential techniques that are used by our Extraordinary Coaches to resolve all kinds of problems that have been difficult or impossible to solve in the past.

For example, here’s a short video of a woman named Angela who shares her experience about having Post Traumatic Stress and terrible nightmares for 8 years. She was able to get rid of the nightmares in just one session that took about an hour and a half.

You don’t have to have severe trauma in order to benefit from the Pure Awareness Techniques. They are helpful for an enormous range of problems, any problem that tests as being based at the Awareness/Emotional Level of the Where to Start Chart.

Here’s some more details about the Pure Awareness Techniques:

How to Experience Pure Awareness

The QUIETNESS Technique

This technique is the simplest way of experiencing Pure Awareness. It’s really very easy. The technique is done by simply directing your awareness to notice itself, your essential nature, which is the silent background in which all of your thoughts and perceptions occur. Here’s more information about the QUIETNESS Technique and access to the Inner Guidance App for it.

If you try the QUIETNESS Technique and you can’t seem to experience the silent background in which your thoughts occur it is usually because you are having lots of thoughts, so many thoughts that it doesn’t seem like there is any silent background.

Although most people do experience Pure Awareness when they do the QUIETNESS Technique, even on the first try, sometimes you may be so caught up in an emotional reaction that there just doesn’t seem to be any silence inside of you at all. And if it is just that you are having lots of thoughts that there doesn’t seem to be any silent background, the first thing you can try is to make a slight change in the way that you experience your thoughts.

Normally people become quite engaged with their thoughts. This means you get a bit lost to your thoughts. You become absorbed in them. Try this – try doing the QUIETNESS Technique again and just observe your thoughts from a little bit of a distance from them. You can do that by not being concerned about the meaning or content of the thoughts just for now. Simply notice the thoughts from a “distance.”

If you’re caught in the grip of an emotional reaction, because you expected things to turn out a certain way but they didn’t, you might have some emotional upset about that. Or you might be projecting the possibility of some negative outcome onto the future and you are experiencing anxiety or fear that something bad might happen. If any of these things are happening it can certainly seem that the background of silence is overshadowed by these reactive emotions. Having lots of thoughts is actually a side effect of having lots of unresolved disruptive emotions.

How to Come Out of the Grip of Reactive Emotions

The OUT Technique

When you are caught up in the grip of an emotional reaction to an unmet expectation you won’t feel like you have access to that silent background in which your thoughts occur. But you are so used to having such reactions that you think this is just normal. It isn’t. It may be quite common place and everyone has this happen a lot but it is not normal. It’s just a deeply conditioned response.

The technique for extracting yourself from being lost to an emotional reaction like this is called the OUT Technique. In the earlier language of Human Software Engineering it was called the SEE Technique. It’s a technique for very quickly and directly experiencing the contrast between first being lost to your emotion and then being in Pure Awareness.

People say that it seems like magic. They never experienced coming out of a reactive emotion so quickly and thoroughly. It is so easy and fast to come out of the grip of an emotional reaction that it will amaze you too once you experience it. You will also recognize that your reaction was based on a story that you had made up that wasn’t even real. It was about something that you were projecting on to the future that only existed in your mind, not in reality. Here’s more information about the OUT Technique and access to the Inner Guidance App interactive audio system for learning and using the OUT Technique.

The OUT Technique


How to Resolve Your Old Unresolved Emotional Pain

There are basically just 2 kinds of unresolved disruptive emotions that are simply not useful to us. Here’s a chart that explains the two types. It starts by making the distinction between Useful or Empowering Emotions like love, happiness and gratitude. These are distinct from Not-useful or disruptive emotions such as anger, fear, trauma, anxiety and depression. Here’s the chart about the basic types of emotions when we look at them from the perspective of energy rather than content.

When we are little we are easily emotionally overwhelmed. We have a delicate nervous system that doesn’t yet have the capacity to process many of the intense emotional experiences that we have as a very young child. As a result we end up not completing many of our intense emotional experiences and energy patterns of these unresolved emotions get stored in our body. These incomplete experiences become our “emotional baggage.” Everyone seems to have plenty of these and they produce a kind of screen or barrier between us and our natural experience of the presence of Pure Awareness.

The IN Technique

What is needed is an efficient way to complete these incomplete overwhelming emotional experiences from the past. It is a process of putting your attention right into the center of the strongest part of the energy field of an old emotional pain and allowing yourself to feel it fully.  It’s good to know that you can do this at a safe, comfortable pace especially when you are first learning it. You will find that it is not so difficult to do as you might think. It is a process of doing the opposite of what we are deeply conditioned to do so it can seem a bit unfamiliar at first. We are conditioned to go away from where the energy of emotional pain stored in the body is the most intense. During the IN Technique you dive right into the center of the most intense part of the energy of the incomplete emotion. Interestingly enough, this turns out to be the most efficient and fastest way to complete the incompletion and then the energy of the emotion is gone and it doesn’t come back.

Allowing yourself to feel into the most intense part of the energy of an incomplete experience of emotional intensity is VERY different than simply “feeling your feelings.” It is as different as a laser beam is from a flash light beam. Laser beams can be so powerful that they can cut through very hard materials. A flash light can penetrate the darkness but it doesn’t cut through anything. Like that the process of just feeling the energy of a feeling in your body is an inefficient way to complete incomplete intense emotional experiences.

The IN Technique however is laser like. It penetrates down into the heart of the most intense part of the energy of the incomplete experience. This allows you to rapidly and thoroughly complete the experience of the energy that is held there.

Imagine for a moment that you have lots of incomplete emotional pain from the past which is true for pretty much everyone. And think of all of the old unresolved emotional pain as being buried just below the surface of the mind. All of it together forms a kind of layer of energy between you and the experience of Pure Awareness.

You can imagine that this layer of energy is like a layer of cheese between you and Pure Awareness. Each time you use the IN Technique to complete one of your incomplete intense emotional experiences it is like making a hole in the cheese. The cheese becomes more and more “Swiss-cheese-like.” The idea is to keep making holes in the Swiss cheese until it is all holes and no cheese. Then Pure Awareness shines through unobstructed.

There are two ways of doing the IN Technique. Here’s more information about the IN Technique and access to the Inner Guidance App for learning and using it.

The IN Technique


How to Find and Access Hidden Suppressed Emotions 

The LOCATE Technique

Sometimes we have buried the emotional energy pattern inside so well that it is really suppressed. Everyone gets good at doing that after all because we really don’t like feeling emotional pain. No one does. So everyone gets good at sweeping the emotional pain under the rug so you don’t have to feel it. But the problem is that it’s still held in your body and under certain circumstances it can get triggered and it can certainly be another factor contributing to your having lots of emotionally based thoughts that keep you from experiencing Pure Awareness.

When there are residual patterns of emotional energy held in the body that are difficult to get access too there is a simple way to be able to bring them into awareness. It is called the LOCATE Technique. In our older HSE language we called it the GPS Technique. As the name suggests the LOCATE Technique can be used to find the energy of an emotion when it is well hidden. This hiding of emotions is something everyone does in their attempt to not have to feel old emotional pain. So the LOCATE Technique helps you to find where you are storing the energy of such emotions in your body. Here’s more about the LOCATE Technique and access to the Inner Guidance App for it.

The LOCATE Technique


How to Experience Pure Awareness Everywhere

The WHOLENESS Technique

This WHOLENESS Technique is designed to give you the direct experience that the silent background in which your thoughts occur is not just in the background of your thoughts, but it is present everywhere throughout the entire universe. The technique guides you to experience Pure Awareness throughout your body and the environment until you have experienced it throughout the whole world, the galaxy and the universe.

Here’s more about it and access to it’s Inner Guidance App.

The WHOLENESS Techninque

There are three more Pure Awareness Techniques that you can read about on these separate web pages:

The Neutral Technique

The Clarity Technique

The KNOWING Technique


Developing Emotional Competence

When you learn and use the Pure Awareness Techniques you begin to develop a much greater level of emotional competence. Becoming Emotionally Competent means being able to recognize and distinguish between emotions that are useful and those that are not as shown in the Types of Emotions chart above. Our upgraded definition of emotional competence means that you know the IN Technique and the OUT Technique and how and when to use them to completely resolve not-useful emotions.

This is very powerful. For the first time in human history we now have the technology for coming out of the grip of emotions. You don’t have to continue to live as the victim of your emotions any more. And the techniques are simple. They are not difficult to learn or use. Learning them does teach you how to do some things that are the exact opposite of what you have been deeply conditioned to do your whole life. And learning and using the technique via the Inner Guidance App is one of the best ways to learn them. It allows you to have the experience of each step of the technique provided by following each instructions in the audio clips and doing that at your individual pace. So that means you can get the next instruction when you feel that you have experienced the appropriate response to the last instruction. You then just tap on the “NEXT” button on your computer screen or smart phone or tablet and listen to the next instruction for the next step of doing that technique.

You don’t have the be run by your emotional reactions any more. You don’t have to adopt addictive behaviors or turn to drugs or alcohol to escape feeling bad or stressed or traumatized. Now it is possible to learn how to resolve your stress and emotional pain quickly and thoroughly.

If there is anything in life worth learning it is to learn and use the Pure Awareness Techniques. Doing so will liberate you from suffering, give you consistent access to your inner greatness and finally help you to have the life of your dreams… in fact it will give you a life you couldn’t even dream of having before now.

To learn how to get the most out of learning and using the Pure Awareness Techniques and the other amazing resources of Inner Greatness Optimizing see the Programs and Services available at our Inner Greatness Centers.

In addition, you can learn the Pure Awareness Techniques and guide yourself through the resolution of your disruptive emotions using interactive audio clips  of the instructions for doing each of the techniques.

Pure Awareness Techniques Audio Instructions

Our other new technology – the Quantum Energy Optimizer is explained in detail here –

Quantum Energy Optimizer

We wish for you that you take full advantage of both the QEO and IGO to get rid of your emotional and physical pain so that you can truly live and enjoy the totality of who and what you really are.

Here’s to the full awakening of your Inner Greatness!


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