The Freedom Practice

The Freedom Practice is a fast and powerful way to become highly emotionally competent in your decision making using the Pure Awareness Techniques. These techniques were designed to be easily integrated and act like anti-virus software for humans. The Pure Awareness Techniques eliminate the emotional reactions from your decision making so instead they can be made from a place of certainty and ease.

When you utilize the Pure Awareness Techniques regularly, you begin to make decisions that are based on intuition and confidence, rather than from emotional distress and uncertainty.

Freedom Practice Process

The Freedom Practice is done daily and has two phases to it.

Phase 1 starts by doing the practice each morning (shortly after you wake up) and it takes about 20 minutes or more depending on what comes up during the practice. Your Freedom Practice consists of identifying and transforming the energy patterns that have been creating your ego based and emotionally pain based thoughts.

Phase 2 evolves naturally as you become increasingly sensitized to recognizing and resolving the disruptive, self-sabotaging energy patterns. Your conscious awareness of the not-useful thoughts increases throughout the day. When this occurs, you muscle test them for either being ego-based or emotional pain based thought(s) and resolve them in real time using the Pure Awareness Techniques. This results in you rapidly becoming truly emotionally competent and more and more awakened to living and expressing your inner greatness.

The Freedom Practice gives you the necessary structure to utilize it on a daily basis. Your success is realized through a consistent Freedom Practice. It is also very important to receive ongoing mentoring from a Freedom Practice Mentor.

Decision Influences Assessment (DIA)

An individualized DIA is prepared for you when you start the Freedom Practice. Your DIA will show you to what extent your decisions are currently being influenced by each of four different kinds of thoughts –

  1. Practical thoughts
  2. Intuitive/creative thoughts
  3. Ego based thoughts
  4. Emotional pain based thoughts

Practical thoughts are those based on right timing and right action. Intuitive thoughts are those that are based on your inner knowing. Ego based and emotional pain based thoughts are disruptive – they undermine your decisions and therefore, the quality of your life.

The ego is the false sense of self that we make up in our mind, and is where we house fabricated stories about ourselves and our world. Ego based thoughts highlight the expectations and reactions we have about the things that either happen or don’t happen in our lives.

Emotional pain based thoughts are fear based and drive us to make decisions based on past experiences of pain and the need to avoid future pain. Using the Freedom Practice, you eliminate the energy patterns of these two types of thoughts, and your decision making becomes more naturally influenced by your practical and intuitive thoughts. Once the energy patterns that create problem causing thoughts are eliminated, you will make fewer poor decisions and experience increases in your quality of life.

An important aspect of the DIA is that it allows us to measure to what extent you are making mistakes from faulty thoughts and to what extent you are making your decisions from your intuitive and practical thoughts.

Both practical and intuitive thoughts are useful to you. Decisions based on those kinds of thoughts typically lead to actions that are successful.

Ego based and emotional pain based thoughts are not-useful and typically lead to poor decisions and costly mistakes.

Most people make decisions as a result of ego based and emotional pain based thoughts without being consciously aware that they are doing so. This is because most people have been having all four kinds of thoughts their whole lives.  It seems like they are all just a normal part of the thinking process so a person does not distinguish between them.

Even if you were able to make the distinction between the useful and not-useful thoughts, no one has trained you in how to get rid of the not-useful thoughts so that they stop influencing your decisions. The Freedom Practice shows you exactly how to distinguish your useful thoughts from your not-useful thoughts and how to access and resolve the energy of the not-useful thoughts so that they don’t come up anymore.

Why I created the Freedom Practice

From 2013 to 2019, I was teaching this work in China and I named it Inner Greatness Optimizing (IGO). As the number of advanced students grew, some of them wanted to become presenters of our training programs. Since I wanted IGO to be taught all over China and could only be in one city at a time, I created the IGO Presenter Training Program. I felt it was essential that the presenters of IGO be living examples of what they were teaching.  People who attended the presentations would be inspired by the presenter’s living example and want to have some of the same qualities in their own lives by enrolling in our IGO trainings.

To accomplish my goal of teaching IGO throughout China, I created the Freedom Practice (FP) and taught it to my students. The phenomenal results were exactly what I anticipated. The progress these students made in their lives was between 10 to 20 times faster than the previous methods of IGO training I had given in the past. With FP, students were using the Pure Awareness Techniques throughout the day. I observed the students who practiced FP every day started to have experiences of living in Pure Awareness that I would typically see after a year or two of the earlier version of training. I was amazed and delighted with the results and the Freedom Practice is now the foundation of all our trainings.

Two Freedom Practice Training Options

Option 1 includes the basics of the Freedom Practice in 5 webinars of about 90 minutes each. You learn the four Pure Awareness Techniques plus Muscle Testing (also referred to as Intuition Testing). You can take this course at any time and review the webinars whenever you like. The price for option 1 is $297

  • Quietness Technique
  • The Locate Technique
  • The IN Technique
  • The OUT Technique
  • Muscle Testing

Register here – FP Option 1

Option 2 includes everything from option 1 plus a 1-on-1 coaching session with one of our Certified Extraordinary Coaches. The price for option 2 is $597.

Register here – FP Option 2


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