Accessing the body’s innate wisdom

How to Ensure that You Will Get the Desired Results

You have very likely had this experience… many times.

You go to someone for a kind of treatment that you think is going to help you. You spend lots of time and money pursuing the treatment and either it doesn’t help, or the help is minimal, or it successfully suppresses your symptoms but later after the effects of this treatment are over, your symptoms return and you don’t have a real solution to your original problem.

This experience is very common. And it is happening millions of times every day all over the world.

What’s at the basis of the huge waste of resources, waste of time and money, basically a huge waste of life?

The problem comes right at the beginning of any therapeutic process. And this problem is caused by assuming that the therapeutic process that you are starting is approaching the problem in the best possible way.

We live in a world in which people are deeply conditioned to rely on their training and intellectual understanding as the basis for making decisions. This causes virtually all health care providers to make one very fundamental mistake. That mistake is to not test for and determine if the therapeutic approach that you are about to undertake is really going to provide the solution to the client’s problem or not.

This mistake is caused by the power of conditioning. Your training is a form of conditioning. Many aspects of it are very beneficial. But one basic aspect of your training is missing. And that is to have a way to determine if it is going to truly be helpful in really solving the person’s problem or not.

We assume that there’s some valid reason that the person is sitting in front of us. We assume that someone has referred them who has determined that they need what we have. Or the client has found us on their own with their own hope and assumptions that what we can do for them is going to work. Unfortunately,  often our assumptions are incorrect.

How could we possibly be able to determine if our approach is going to produce the desired result or not?

The Source of Wise Decisions

There is a source and method for making wise decisions. We are about to decide what do to about some problem in the body. We assume that we know what the body needs. What if there was a way of asking the body what it really needs and being able to get accurate answers.

The body has a level of intelligence that we often take for granted and don’t think about. Under normal conditions, it has the ability to keep itself functioning properly and is able maintain all the myriad processes that allow the incredibly complex systems and structures of our body to operate without pain or disease. It removes pathogens and toxins from the body. There’s a war going on inside of us in every moment in which our immune system is fighting off the “invaders” of foreign toxic or pathogenic substances to keep them from damaging us. We don’t really appreciate the enormous sophistication and intelligence of the body’s self-protection and self-healing processes.

After all when healing occurs, it is the body that heals itself. Therapies that are effective aren’t healing the body. they are only facilitating the healing making it easier  for the body’s own self-healing mechanisms and processes to do their job more effectively.

For example, if we have an infection and we are given an anti-biotic, if it is the right anti-biotic and it weakens or kills the invading bacteria, this can make the immune systems job of cleaning up the now dead or weak bacteria out of our system more easily then when the bacteria was alive and multiplying faster than the immune system could eliminate it. But the ultimate healing of the body is the body’s job to get the residue of the bacteria out of itself and be able to return to normal healthy functioning. The anti-biotic just helps make this job easier. It doesn’t do the actually healing, toxin removal, repairing of damaged cells, etc. This is the body’s job and nothing can do that other than the body.

What this means is that the body is extremely intelligent.

What is there was a simple and easy way to access this natural intelligence of the body and be able to ask it if a particular therapeutic approach is going to be helpful to it or not? And further, what if we could find out between the various options and choices available to us, which one or ones would really be the optimal ones for supporting the body’s self-healing processes?

If such a method existed then we would have a way of letting the body’s innate wisdom guide the entire therapeutic process to insure that what gets done is really the optimal way for us to facilitate the body’s self-healing processes.

Such a system does indeed exist and it is used at the beginning of every session at Inner Greatness Centers. At Inner Greatness Centers everyone is trained is this method of testing. It involves two main components. One of them is called the Where to Start Chart. The other component is a testing method for being able to aces the body’s innate wisdom and use that along with the Where to Start Chart so that the body’s wisdom is guiding the decision, not your intellect, training and conditioning.

This testing method is a form of making an inquiry and seeing what kind of response to this inquiry the body makes. It involves a sequence of such inquiries creating a YES/NO decision tree that guides us to discover where the person’s problem really lives and what’s the optimal approach to resolving their problem. This process is called Intuition Testing or Muscle Testing. Many different forms of it are used daily by thousands of health practitioners world-wide for guiding parts of their decision process. For example, many chiropractors use it to test for which bones are out of alignment and some adjustment technique.

However, even as common as muscle testing is, most practitioners don’t use it in conjunction with the Where to Start Chart. However, there are some notable exceptions. One in particular that I like is that of an orthopedic surgeon in Switzerland. His wife was taking one of my seminars that I used to give a few times a year in Germany. He decided to come along with is wife to the seminar as he was a bit intrigued by the topic.

Many of the Naturopathic doctors in Europe get trained in muscle testing and use it in their practice. But most of them do not use the form of this testing called “self-muscle testing.” During the training I taught the muscle testing process including the self-muscle testing and explained now to use it with the Where to Start Chart. I explained that it was essential to start every session with this kind of test to insure that you don’t make your decision to proceed based on your therapeutic training but instead letting the client’s body’s wisdom guide the whole decision process.

I was living in Switzerland at the time and it turned out to be not far fro where this doctor and his Naturopathic doctor wife lived. So I had dinner with them a few times and we became friends. They eventually organized a seminar at their holistic health center for me.

Once when we were together for dinner months after the original seminar where I had met them, the doctor said to me, “Tom, I just love the Where to Start Chart!” Tell me what you mean, “I replied.” He is a specialist in doing surgeries on the delicate complex structures of the wrist and hands. He said that what he does is to keep his hands under his desk when he has a new patient and he tests to see if their problem would be best solved by a surgery (the mechanical level of the Where to Start Chart). If he gets a “No” response from the muscle test, he does what’s called cross tested to reconfirm that it is not the optimal approach that this person’s body needs. And if it is not, then he won’t do a surgery!

I love this guy! He really got it and the importance of allowing the client’s body’s wisdom to tell us what it wants without resorting to any assumptions. This is wonderful and we need all health practitioners to learn how to respect the innate intelligence and wisdom of the body so that we serve it rather than force some therapy on the body that ultimately doesn’t really solve the person’s problem.

With Inner Greatness Optimizing this important missing step that needs to occur at the beginning of every session is a standard part of our training and is used before every protocol.

This provides us with a very important and missing element that almost all health practitioners don’t know about or have access to yet. This makes a huge difference in the care that you get. At Inner Greatness Centers we make sure that what we are about to do is what the body truly wants and if it doesn’t we respect that and don’t give our particular treatment but recommend that they need some other approach, We can even tell them that what they need is chemical or mechanical if those things test as the right place to start from the Where to Start Chart.

The Where to Start Chart

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