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The Results Now process is a subset of WaveForm Optimizing. We are getting incredible results that are bordering on unbelievable. The results from just one session are so dramatic and positive that it is much faster and easier than any other process for relieving limited range of motion and many other health challenges. And it can be done by video conferencing right from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to go to a clinic. 

If you haven’t seen it, watch the video about Results Now and see examples of the incredible transformations. –

Results Now

To become a Results Now Expert Coach, you must take the WaveForm Optimizing training. You can start that, and if you have already taken it, you can attend a new special class dedicated to learning the Results Now process. It’s easy because it focuses on one aspect of the WFO process and repeats it several times until the causes of the limited range of motion and its associated pain are gone. 

There are some related ideas that I’ll also be covering in this upcoming training. The essential part of the WFO process that we use in Results Now is something called Sanyama

This Sanscrit word doesn’t have an English word that adequately describes it, so I will explain in detail how you can get really good at it in the upcoming training class. I’ll be giving the Results Now Expert Coach Training shortly.

As the session bookings start ramping up, the schedule will get too full for me to do all the sessions myself. SoI will need some excellent Results Now Expert Coaches to help me meet the demand. 

The Results Now Expert Coach Training costs are included in the Wave Form Optimizing Training. Usually, Wave Form Optimizing Training costs $2997. But if you are taking the One-Year Fast-Track to Enlightenment, Perfect Health 7 Wealth, it is included in the program with no extra cost. 

Once you complete the Results Now Expert Coach Training, you will become part of the Results Now Expert Coach Training Team. Team members will be given coaching sessions based on a combination of Their DIA score and my intuition.

Those who give Results Now Expert Coaching sessions will receive USD 200 per session. So you will cover the cost of your training by giving just one session.

However, completing the training doesn’t automatically mean receiving clients from Inner Greatness Global. We have specific standards to maintain. You will be able to use the Results Now process on yourself. We will also create a certification process for people who complete this training and have a DIA score of at least the following or better.

Decision Influences Assessment
Practical Thoughts 96  or higher
Intuitive Thoughts 38 or higher
Ego-based Thoughts 25 or lower
Emotional Pain-based Thoughts 25 or lower

The DIA is important because the cleaner your inner emotional landscape is, the easier and more effective your use of Sanyama becomes. Therefore, it is essential that our certified Results Now Expert Coaches be living examples of the work that they are doing.

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