Progressive Scientific Life Assessment Reading

Progressive Scientific Life Assessment Reading

A Scientific Life Assessment Reading is a new modern name for a Vedic Astrology Reading. The first Scientific Life Assessment Reading you have is the one based on your birth date, time, and place. 

A Progressive Scientific Life Assessment Reading is based on a Vedic Astrology Chart calculated during the Progressive Reading. Such readings provide more detailed insights into the influences of the planets on the immediate future and beyond. 

During the one-year Fast-track Enlightenment, Perfect Health & Wealth Program, you will get q progressive reading every three months. If you have not had your initial reading, that is the first you will get in this program.

If you are skeptical about astrology, it will be good to know that Scientific Life Assessments prepared using the Vedic Astrology calculation method produces much more precise and helpful information about how the planets influence you. 

And if you think that the planets don’t influence you, consider this – The tides rise and fall due to the changes in the gravitational pull on the ocean water as the moon gets closer and further away from that side of the earth. Our bodies are about 70% water, so that same gravitational pull is happening inside of you every day, 

And the influences of the planets are not just gravitations. According to Vedic Astrology, there may be many ways in which we get affected not only by the moon but also by the sun and all of the planets in our solar system. 

Vedic Astrology was created thousands of years ago and has been tested and proven to be accurate over those thousands of years. In contrast, western astrology has only existed for a few hundred years. It uses a different way of calculating the placement and influences of the planets that don’t have the depth and accuracy of Vedic Astrology. So it is no wonder that people see the word Astrology and don’t know there is this vast difference between Vedic Astrology and Western astrology. 

I have had the pleasure to get to listen in on many of the readings done by Ritesh, and people are amazed at the accuracy of what he tells them. It is quite impressive. 

I had a progressive reading a couple of weeks ago, and the creation of this new One-year Fast-track Enlightenment, Perfect Health & Wealth Program is an idea that came to me as a result of that reading. 

Once you realize what I’m explaining, your whole view of Astrology can change from a new-age waste of time to a unique tool for knowing things about your life and future that can and will be precious and useful. 

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