The 12 Causes of Human Problems

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Penetrating Insights

The 12 Causes of Human Problems is a set of penetrating insights into why and how we get lost to the illusions created by our conditioning. Each of the 12 Causes of Human Problems is a description of a particular way in which you have become lost to an illusion that you are separate from life itself, that you are an isolated individual. By understanding the essence of each of the 12 Causes you can then see what is needed in order to extract yourself from your conditioning and re-establish the direct experience of wholeness.

Circumstances and Reactions to the Circumstance

Every experience we have in our life has both the circumstance that we find ourselves in, and our reaction to the circumstances. Many times we can’t do much, if anything, about the circumstances. But we can learn how to do something about our reactions to those circumstances. When you are caught up in the emotion of your reaction its very difficult to even see the circumstances clearly, not to mention being able to respond to them in a way that is beneficial to you. With the insights of the 12 Causes of Human Problems and the ability to debug the conditioning of the 12 Causes with the Quantum Energy Optimizer Technology and the Pure Awareness Techniques, you can readily resolve your conditioned reactions and come back to a place of clarity and calm so that you can then make decisions about your life that are really aligned with what is best for you.

When you find that you are unhappy with your life or that you are caught up in problems or reactions, the 12 Causes of Human Problems can always provide a distinction between what is happening and your reactions to what is happening. Whenever you are stuck in life take a look at the 12 Causes of Human Problems Model and see which of the 12 Causes is being expressed. It can be just one of the Causes or several of them at play. Then use the QEO to debug the habit aspect of the Cause to free yourself from the default, cluelessness of your old self-sabotaging conditioned responses. And then make sure that any emotional charge associated with the conditioning is also resolved using the Pure Awareness Techniques.

The Inner Greatness Centers program for Resolving the 12 Causes of Human Problems takes the participant through the combined process of debugging the conditioning of each of the 12 Causes with the QEO and resolving the fears and traumas at the basis of each of the 12 Causes as well. This has a powerful effect on making you much more conscious of your conditioned responses and helps you to stop making them.

Even if there’s not yet an Inner Greatness Center (IGC) close to you, you an still get enormous benefit from resolving the fears and traumas at the basis of the conditioning of the 12 Causes. This can even be done very effectively with the help of a Certified Inner Greatness Coach via video conferencing over the Internet.

The power of insights of this model is that it provides the answers to the question – “What’s really going on?” The purpose of the unique research at the basis of these insights was to find out what the truly deepest causes of human problems are. They were discovered over many years of unique research using specialized tools that allowed for their discovery.

What does all this mean for you? Most people are living very unconscious lives, living mainly as the product of their conditioning. When you go through the process of debugging all 12 of the Causes of Human Problems, the cluelessness of your deep conditioning that keeps you stuck in limitations and suffering gets “unmasked.” It means that you begin to not just live your life as the product of your conditioning but you start to be able to make decisions and take action from your inner greatness instead of from your learned, conditioned habitual ways of being.

Debugging of the 12 Causes of Human Problems is therefore one of the most powerful things you can do to liberate yourself from limitation, suffering, frustration and feeling stuck or sabotaged. It produces an enormous increase in the ability to access and express your inner greatness. This model and the inner Greatness Optimizing Protocol are the foundation of many of the IGC programs and services.

When someone goes through the program for resolving the 12 Causes of Human Problems, this has a powerful impact on improving their access and use of their brainpower. It significantly upgrades the level to which they live in Pure Awareness all the time and it serves as a major jump start for all of the other programs that use the integrated techniques of QEO and IGO such as – Optimize Your Life, Extraordinary Performance, Ideal Relationships, Using More of Your Brainpower, Permanent Pure Awareness, etc.

Some significant insights have made it possible to do this. One of the insights is that there are two basic components to each of the 12 Causes of Human Problems. One component is pre-verbal conditioning that creates the 12 Habits. The experiences that are at the root of the conditioning are the 12 Traumas and the resulting 12 Fears. There is an important difference between the Conditioning/Habits and the Traumas/Fears. The difference is in the kind of energy patterns that comprise these two aspects of the Causes and most importantly the understanding of which technology works to resolve each aspect.

The sequence of how all of this gets created is:

  • You first have the Traumas such as frequently being emotionally overwhelmed
  • Such experiences immediately produce the Fears
  • Because these experiences happen many times and the fear reactions happen over and over again, you become deeply conditioned to make decisions and take actions based on the 12 Fears
  • This produces the conditioning and the conditioning results in the Habits

The energy of the Traumas and resulting Fears is at the level of Consciousness on the Where to Start Chart (see below). The conditioning and resulting Habits are held in place by patterns of energy that are different than the underlying energies of the Traumas and Fears. They are the patterns of energy of the illusions that these ways of being are real. In reality they are just the deep familiarity of the behaviors caused by the Traumas and Fears. The conditioning and Habits energy patterns can be eliminated using the QEO. The model of the Where to Start Chart was created in part to help make this difference clear.


Through Inner Greatness Optimizing you can remove the energy patterns of the 12 Causes and start to live more and more of the 12 Freedoms.

We use the Quantum Energy Optimizer and the Pure Awareness Techniques to resolve the conditioning and the emotions that are at the deepest levels of what has created the 12 Causes of Human Problems.

The QEO is used to “debug” the conditioning that holds the 12 Causes and 12 Habits in place. The Pure Awareness Techniques are used to resolve the 12 Traumas and the 12 Fears.

The result of eliminating the energetic and emotional Causes of Problems is that you begin to live life more and more as the expression of the 12 Freedoms.

Everyone has some aspect of each of the Causes of Human Problems because this conditioning is pretty universal for all humans. So we don’t have to test for which ones are present. Typically all of them are present in everyone in varying degrees.

What to expect:

Inner Greatness Center Coaches are trained and highly experienced with understanding and using the details of the 12 Causes model. The insights and processes of removing these invisible but powerful influences are a unique set of skills that only Certified Inner Greatness Coaches have. They use them very frequently in coaching sessions and workshops simply because they give such profound breakthroughs that just can’t be obtained any other way.

It is also possible to go through a special program for getting rid of the limiting influences of all 12 of the Causes. This program is available at Inner Greatness Centers from Certified Inner Greatness Coaches.

The program is structured as a series of sessions in which we remove the limiting influence of the Causes in the priority that is determined by the intuition testing. People who go through this process say that they become more aware than ever before in their life of the limiting influences that their conditioning has been having on them and now how to overcome these influences and live their life much more as the expression of their inner greatness.

Check with your local IGC for program/session service fees.

Results may vary.


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