The 12 Causes of Human Problems Assessment

Powerful Insights

The 12 Causes of Human Problems is a set of penetrating insights into why and how we get lost to the illusions created by our conditioning. Each of the 12 Causes of Human Problems is a description of a particular way in which you have become lost to an illusion that you are separate from life itself, that you are an isolated individual. By understanding the essence of each of the 12 Causes you can then see what is needed in order to extract yourself from your conditioning and re-establish the direct experience of wholeness.

Circumstances and Reactions to the Circumstance

Every experience we have in our life has both the circumstance that we find ourselves in, and our reaction to the circumstances. Many times we can’t do much, if anything, about the circumstances. But we can learn how to do something about our reactions to those circumstances. When you are caught up in the emotion of your reaction its very difficult to even see the circumstances clearly, not to mention being able to respond to them in a way that is beneficial to you. With the insights of the 12 Causes of Human Problems and the ability to debug the conditioning of the 12 Causes with the Quantum Energy Optimizer Technology and the Pure Awareness Techniques, you can readily resolve your conditioned reactions and come back to a place of clarity and calm so that you can then make decisions about your life that are really aligned with what is best for you.

When you find that you are unhappy with your life or that you are caught up in problems or reactions, the 12 Causes of Human Problems can always provide a distinction between what is happening and your reactions to what is happening. Whenever you are stuck in life take a look at the 12 Causes of Human Problems Model and see which of the 12 Causes is being expressed. It can be just one of the Causes or several of them at play. Then use the QEO to debug the habit aspect of the Cause to free yourself from the default, cluelessness of your old self-sabotaging conditioned responses. And then make sure that any emotional charge associated with the conditioning is also resolved using the Pure Awareness Techniques.

Preverbal Conditioning

As these patterns of conditioning are mostly created when you are very young, even before you learn how to talk, people function inside of these patterns of conditioning and the habits that they create without even realizing that it’s happening. It just feels like these ways of being are a part of who you are. But they are not parts of who you are they are just deeply conditioned reactions to your experiences in life.

So this assessment helps to determine to what extent you are functioning within the severe limitations that the 12 Causes of Human Problems deep conditioning causes. Take the assessment. Then use the  IGO resources suggested on your results page at the end of the assessment. After using each resource take the assessment again to see how much progress you have made. Clearing away the cluelessness of the conditioning of the 12 Causes is one of the most powerful ways to improve your life because you will start to be able to see the extent to which you have been limited that you couldn’t even see before. And you’ll be able to stop being limited in those ways!

Also take the assessments for the 12 Traumas, The 12 Fears,  the 12 Habits and the 12 Freedoms. And when you have all Conditioning, Habits, Traumas and Fears resolved you will find that you are living a very rich expression of the 12 Freedoms.

This is incredibly liberating and empowering. You will love the life that this allows you to live!


Answer the questions below by rating them on a scale of 0 to 10 – 0 means not at all – 10 means maximum

[assessment name=’The12 Causes of Human Problems’ 10_bar=”true”]

@ I’m frequently get upset or disappointed when I try to make things happen and it doesn’t work
@ I have a feeling that my way of seeing things is the only right way. I have a need to be right.
@ I form opinions and make up stories about whatever happens to me or whatever happens in the world
@ People and life often don’t live up to my expectations
@ I feel like I am not whole and complete when there are certain things missing in my life
@ It’s important to me to have other people validate my actions and accomplishments
@ I like the feeling of stability that I get when things stay more or less the same
@ I have one or more major projects that I’ve been working on for some years that just don’t seem to be getting completed
@ When painful things happen I do my best to forget about them as quickly as possible
@ I sometimes get intuitive ideas that I don’t follow and then later wish that I had
@ I judge myself and others
@ I have some substance and/or behavioral addictions

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