Ideal Relationships

Free Extraordinary Relationships Assessment 

One of the longest-term studies that has been done about people’s success and fulfillment is a study called The Harvard Study of Adult Development. For 75 years the study tracked the lives of 724 men. Participants in the study were either sophomores at Harvard College or teenagers from Boston’s poorest neighborhoods. The study found that it wasn’t financial success that made people happy, healthy and long-lived. It turned out that the one major factor that lead to having more of these qualities in life was having good relationships.

Everyone has heard that people who are wealthy aren’t necessarily happy. And this long-term study confirms that this is true. Wealth doesn’t usually come with inner peace and fulfillment. But now you can have the combination of wealth, great relationships and inner peace and fulfillment. You Inner Greatness Center’s new technologies can also remove the inner that prevent you from having truly extraordinary relationships. The free test determines how many inner barriers you have to having truly ideal relationships.


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