Extraordinary Relationship Assessment

This Assessment will be appropriate for:

  • Anyone NOT currently in a relationship but would like to be
  • Anyone in a relationship that’s not working and need to get out of it and find a new partner
  • Anyone who just wants to improve their current relationship

The assessment is designed to measure the extent to which you have inner barriers to finding and being in a successful and fulfilling relationship. This means being able to upgrade your current relationship if you are already in one. Or it can mean cleaning up your own inner barriers so that you can find and be in relationship with someone who is really ideal for you.

The statements in the assessment describe different relationship challenges. In many cases these challenges occur because of unresolved emotional issues within you. The assessment measures your level of how well you handle your emotions both in a relationship and in preparation for being in a new relationship. It is the first part of the process of identifying and removing your inner barriers to finding and having a new ideal relationship with an ideal intimate partner.

Rate yourself from 0 to 10 (0 = Not true – 10 = Very true) for each of the 14 statements. Making a selection for each of the statements is required.

[assessment name=’Extraordinary Relationship’ 10_bar=”true” reverse=”true”]
@ I tend to settle for less than I really want in my relationships
@ I just can’t seem to find or attract the right person
@ I’m in a relationship now that is not working and I know that I need to get out of it but I’m having difficulty doing that
@ I still have resentments towards one or more of my previous partners or towards my current partner
@ I still feel heartbroken from a previous relationship that didn’t work out
@ When I am in a relationship, I wish my partner would change, but usually they don’t change
@ I often get frustrated with my partner
@ When my partner gets upset with me it typically causes me to become defensive, to get upset myself or to shut down or just go away
@ I typically have communication problems with my partner
@ Lovemaking has not been or is not now satisfactory
@ When I’m in relationship with someone I tend to argue or fight frequently
@ I tend to pick partners who are emotionally unavailable
@ I have not felt supported by my partner(s) in my personal growth and/or interests
@ I’m really concerned that if I get a new relationship or change to a new relationship that it won’t be any better than the current one or last one

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