The Power of How – Simple Techniques to Vaporize Your Ego and Your Pain-body


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Fast, easy access to a state of Pure Awareness
The Power of How provides the missing ingredient to many spiritual teachings and personal development programs – HOW!

This book teaches you how to debug and upgrade your inner human software for gaining and maintaining spiritual enlightenment more easily and quickly than you ever thought was possible. Use these fast, easy processes to free yourself from the limiting influences of your conditioning, your ego and your pain-body permanently.

You will discover:
• The barriers to living in a state of Pure Awareness
• The Eight Pure Awareness Techniques
• How to debug the identifications that form your ego
• How to debug unresolved emotional pain held in your body
• How to free yourself from conditioned self-sabotaging thoughts and habits
• The penetrating insights of the 12 Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning
• How to cultivate a state of pure knowing and certainty
• How to directly experience Pure Awareness instead of just understanding it

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