Permanent Pure Awareness Program (IGC version)


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Permanent Pure Awareness Program

A series of 5  specialized 1-on-1 coaching sessions

(IGC version)

This is an advanced program and should only be taken by people who are already experienced with and have become good at doing the Pure Awareness Techniques.

The Permanent Pure Awareness Program is a special series of 1-on-1 sessions done either online or at an Inner Greatness Center. These sessions are designed to identify and remove your inner barriers to living in Pure Awareness all the time.

Each person’s barriers will be different both in how many of then there are and what they are. These barriers will be the disruptive emotions and patterns of conditioning that keep you locked into habits and identifications that cause what are called The Illusions of Separateness. They keep you from experiencing Pure Awareness all the time.

Typically these patterns are not easy for people to find and resolve on their own. This is because they are so deeply conditioned that they will just seem like that are a natural part of you. However, you will discover as you find and resolve them that they are not natural parts of you at all. They are indeed subtle things that cause you to not experience and enjoy the full presence of your Inner Greatness all the time.

Pure Awareness is your Inner Greatness.

And our Certified Inner Greatness Coaches have been trained in how to identify how many inner barriers you have to living in Pure Awareness all the time AND how to get rid of them… permanently.

What happens as you go through this process is that you will reach a point where the sense of who and what you are will shift from feeling like an isolated individual to experiencing that you are the totality of Pure Awareness.

The program is structured as a series of five 1-on-1 Inner Greatness Optimizing sessions. It’s very unlikely that you will get all of the barriers to living in Pure Awareness all the time cleaned out of you in just 5 sessions. So count on doing more then one series of sessions as this is some of the most powerful and important IGO work you will do.

This is structured as a series because it requires a commitment on your part to really going for it and you will need to have this intention in order to have the best experience and make the most progress with your Certified Inner Greatness Coach. The price per series of 5 sessions is $925.00.

The advantage of taking this training at an Inner Greatness Center (IGC) is that your Inner Greatness Center Coach (IGCC) can use the QEO to remove the energy patterns of conditioning in addition to using the Pure Awareness Techniques. Experience has shown that this can enhance the process of living into your new way of being and making the shift to living in Pure Awareness all the time faster and more easily than using only the Pure Awareness Techniques. It is still quite possible to do with just the Pure Awareness Techniques using the online version of the program but using the QEO does make it faster and easier.

If there’s anything in life worth accomplishing it’s to truly wake up to the reality of what you really are and live from Pure Awareness Permanently!

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