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Research has shown dramatic reductions in allergy symptoms using our approach. The effectiveness is very high, See the accompanying chart.

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Here’s a typical report about using this method to get rid of your allergies – 

Milk Allergy Elimination

“I’ve suffered from a severe allergic reaction to lactose my entire life.  Lucky me!  Almost all dairy products contain lactose.  Try going to a party and finding an appetizer that doesn’t contain even a trace of butter, cheese or milk.  Welcome to my world!

Then one day, my husband met Tom Stone.  Afterward, he asked me if I was willing to try something called a WaveMaker.  I reluctantly agreed.  You see, I’m an Electrical Engineer, which makes me a skeptic by nature; but I couldn’t say “no” to my husband.  So, I met with Tom on two occasions to experience his wave inversion technology.  He then instructed me to wait ten days before consuming anything with lactose.

On the eleventh day, I had a latte with whipped cream … and braced myself.  Nothing happened!  I repeated the same experiment the next day.  Nothing happened!  On a Friday evening (when I had the whole weekend to recover from the attack I fully expected to endure), I ate cheese, buttered a roll, and had cream in my coffee at a party we attended.  Again, nothing happened!

So, the next day, my husband went to the store and purchased some ice cream and extra sharp cheddar cheese that I had been craving for years.  I snacked on the cheese throughout the day, and enjoyed my first ice cream sundae in 27 years that afternoon … and nothing happened!  It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.  So, Tom … I love you … and we’ll have to have a pizza party really soon … with extra cheese!”

Kimberly O’Hara – Rancho Santa Fe, CA


Allergy Treatment Effectiveness

A study was done in Austria to determine the effectiveness of the treatment for reducing the stresses that cause allergies. This study was a retrospective study based on 200 cases from a medical practice.

The success with this type of therapy device led Dr. Peter Schumacher, a pediatrician from Innsbruck, Austria, to conduct a study of 200 cases of severe allergy and neurodermatitis in order to record the outstanding results that he was receiving doing this type of treatment. The study was based not on a carefully selected group but on a random patient population within a six-month period, irrespective of age, diagnosis and severity of the condition.

An established diagnosis of allergy was a condition of inclusion in the study. Diagnosis was considered established not just if one or more tests yielded a positive result but also if there was a definite proven connection between the allergen and the allergy symptoms. Hay fever was excluded from the study due to the peculiar characteristics of that condition. The patients and their families were interviewed 6 months after the completion of therapy.

Here are pictures of a young boy patient from before and after the series of treatments.



• 83 % of cases treated were concluded successfully (since the conclusion of therapy patients had tolerated the allergen without reaction).

• 11 % of cases treated improved (the features of the allergy were still present yet over time much less pronounced).

• 4.5 % The allergy remained unchanged. No therapeutic success could be identified or, after initial improvement, the same allergy recurred. However abstinence failures during therapy were detected in all members of this group.

• 1.5 % could not be evaluated since there had been no new contact with the allergen in the intervening period.

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