Extraordinary Wealth


Extraordinary Wealth is a program for helping you put your attention in the right place to prosper. There is a saying that no one ever has a money problem; you have an idea problem.

That’s because money is exchanged with people for getting something that they value. And what people value is getting the things that they want. And people don’t give you back value in the form of money unless you are giving them something that they want. And the key to doing this is organizing and multiplying your power of giving value. The key is in multiplying and how well those who receive it value it. If those things are strong, then you naturally generate wealth,

In the program, we explore all kinds of blocks people have to allow themselves to have and pursue such ideas. This typically frees people up to start to offer things that multiply their power of giving value. The rest is just the law of reciprocity. Everything you give comes back to you. The key is to have it given in a multiplied way so that it also comes back multiplied.


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