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This book describes in depth a new way of stopping smoking permanently. It explains the real nature of smoking as an addiction and the powerful new methods for overcoming it permanently so that you can become a non-smoker now and for the rest of your life.

It describes the use of a new technology that uses the physical principle of wave interference to cancel out the “charge” of the nicotine in your body that is the real basis of you physical craving for more of it when the amount of nicotine in the body starts to drop below a certain level.

Be Smoke Free Now

Inner Greatness Energy Drops

As these devices are not yet readily available everywhere the best way to take advantage of this withdrawal symptom reduction treatment is through the use of Inner Greatness Energy Drops. The drops are imprinted with the INVERSE energy of the nicotine an other toxins in cigarettes. It works like this –

Using this new technology withdrawal symptoms virtually disappear within about 30 minutes of starting this program. This is the only program that not only makes it very easy to stop smoking but also helps you to become a non-smoker for the rest of your life by teaching you powerful new techniques for resolving all of the issues that would drive you back to smoking.

Here’s the average resulting reduction of withdrawal symptoms for a group of 8 people who went through this program. As you can see from the chart comparing their withdrawal symptom severity level with trying to go cold turkey vs. going through the Be Smoke Free Now Program, the difference is really dramatic. In fact, when asked how their withdrawal symptoms were 2 to 3 days after starting the drops most people said – “What withdrawal symptoms?” 

To sign up for the full program see this page – Be Smoke Free Now


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