Step 1. – How to Trust Your Intuition More Consistently

This is a special page designed to support people who have read the chapter by Tom Stone in the book –

Mastering the Art of Success

Here’s a video about how this works and how Tom discovered this amazing process!


Since making this video we have created a new app and put the detailed instructions for using it for it’s many applications including both More Consistent Intuition and Powerful Thinking and Decisions. You can get the app in the app store for your phone or tablet or you can use the version that’s right on this web page. The new app is called Awaken Your Inner Greatness and it has a very cool upgraded user interface. You just swipe to the right anywhere on the screen and it gives you the next audio instruction. You can get it here –

Awaken Your inner Greatness apps

iPhone –

Android –

If for any reason you want to use the app right here on your computer, just continue with the information below. If you use the Awaken Your Inner Greatness app, it has links to web pages with similar detailed instructions for how to use it for improving your intuition, having more powerful thinking and decisions and also for resolving all kind of emotional challenges like anxiety, depression, grief, heartbreak, resentments, and all kinds of emotional stress.

Preparation for using this App

This unique app is designed to allow you to guide yourself through a series of audio instructions for doing the Pure Awareness Techniques. The Pure Awareness Techniques are a new technology for powerfully and permanently resolving emotional issues that undermine your success. They are also amazing for resolving all kinds of other emotionally based problems. Each technique has it’s own series of audio instructions. In order to have the audio instructions play smoothly without interruption the software is set to download the full sequence of audio clips when you click on the word START.

The Audio Instructions Downloading Process

The process of downloading the audio instructions for each technique will take from a few seconds to a minute or two depending on the speed of your internet connection. However, you only have to do this once as the audio clips are then held in the cache of your computer, smart phone or tablet. It is highly recommended that you download all of the audio clips for the techniques listed at the beginning of the application for each topic. When all of the audio clips have been successfully downloaded to your computer and/or mobile device the techniques are “activated” and ready to play.

The downloaded files are shared by most of the applications so if you use the techniques elsewhere on the site, once they are activated here they will also be activated anywhere else that you use them.

***Please note***

This is different on a phone or tablet. Phones and tablets typically don’t allow the sharing of audio files between apps so if you get more than one Inner Guidance app for your mobile device you’ll have to download the audio instructions for each app that you get and keep on your phone or tablet.

Choose Female or Male Voice

Choose if you want the instructions in a female or male voice and then click on the links below to access the page for each technique. Then click the START button to activate it and download the audio clip sequence for that technique. Do that for each of the techniques you will be using and then you’ll be prepared to get started.

The techniques needed for this app are –

Female Voice

The IN Technique (the first way)

The OUT Technique





Male Voice

The IN Technique (the first way)

The OUT Technique





The Buttons

Once the downloading process is complete you can start to use the techniques. To use the techniques you have to first be able to feel the sensation of the energy of the emotion that needs to be resolved. The instructions on the web page for each application explains how to do that. Once you can feel the energy field of the emotion you start guiding yourself through the appropriate technique by clicking or tapping on the button labeled “START,” The button will then change to the word NEXT and you advance through the audio instructions by clicking on the NEXT button for each new instruction.




Each time you click the NEXT button you get the next audio instruction for that technique. This allows you to hear the next instruction in your own timing. You take whatever time you need to follow each instruction and have the resulting experience. Then when you are ready for it you click for the next instruction.

How to Trust Your Intuition More Consistently

In the book I mentioned that I discovered that there are 2 main ways to greatly improve your ability to follow your heart and intuition and thereby be much more successful than you ever have been in the past.

  1. The first way is to remove the primary fear that blocks you from trusting and acting on your intuition. This turns out to be the fear of punishment.
  2. The second way is to learn how to remove the real root causes of clouded thinking and poor decisions that get in the way of recognizing and following you intuition.

#1 Getting rid of the Fear of Punishment

We’ll start with getting rid of the fear of punishment. As I mentioned in the book and in the video above, this happens as a result of doing some innocent things to just explore our world when we are very young. If we do something like paint a picture all over our bedroom wall with a blue felt-tip marker, we might think what we have done is great. But our parents may not agree and we might get punished. This can be a pretty traumatic experience for a very young child. From a young child’s perspective it feels like our source of love, support comfort, actually for pretty much everything, has just turned on us. And we aren’t prepared for this. It’s a shock. We feel betrayed, bewildered, hurt, and perhaps many other emotions when something like this occurs.

It doesn’t take many such experiences before we begin to get the idea that taking action on our creative, intuitive impulses might just get us in trouble again. This fear of punishment is quite common as a result of this style of parenting and the traumatic energy of these kinds of experiences tend to be held inside of you and unresolved ever since they happened.

So the fear of punishment is an unresolved traumatic emotional energy that’s held inside of you somewhere. And although it’s pretty well buried it gets triggered every time you get an intuition. The sequence is that you get the intuition and it is immediately followed by the fear that there will all hell to pay if you take action on that intuitive idea. You can probably recall having had intuitive ideas and then for some reason not acting on them and later finding out that your intuition was completely right and you really wish you had followed your intuition by taking action on the idea.

In order to overcome this deeply conditioned reaction it is necessary to eliminate the fear of punishment thoroughly so that when an intuitive idea comes up this fear doesn’t sabotage it. Getting rid of this fear is exactly what we are going to do here.

Emotions have both Content and Energy

Emotions have both content and energy. The content is what the emotion is about. The energy is what gives life to the content. Most people focus on the content. This isn’t particularly effective for resolving the emotion. We focus on resolving the energy of the emotion that is giving it life. When the energy is gone, the emotion is gone and it is gone for good!

Useful and Not-useful Emotions

Everyone develops 2 databases of disruptive “not-useful” emotions. Here’s the chart of the types of emotions that everyone has.

As you can see from the chart there are 2 kinds of Disruptive/Depleting emotions – Painful/Internal ones and Reactive/External ones. They have very different energy fields as you can see from the graphics on the chart. So there are also only 2 techniques needed in order to resolve all of these accumulated disruptive emotions. These are called the IN and OUT Techniques.

In order to clean up your inner emotional landscape and free yourself from having so much mind clutter, you need to learn and use both the IN and OUT Techniques and to use them a lot to clear out the 2 databases of accumulated disruptive emotions.

The purpose of this app is to teach you exactly how to do that. Using the Inner Guidance App you can easily learn how to do the IN and OUT Techniques. After doing them using the app for a while you’ll be able to do them by yourself because they aren’t difficult. In fact they are pretty simple. But they teach you how to do the opposite of what you have been habitually doing your whole life. So that’s why you’ll need some guidance and practice in the beginning until you get the hang of it.

If you want to learn more about the techniques you can read about the details of each of them here – The Pure Awareness Techniques.

You May Not Realize It!

One of the tricky things about clouded thinking is that from inside of the state of clouded thinking it is difficult to even recognize that your thinking is indeed clouded. So generally speaking people don’t know that their thinking is clouded and they are making poor emotionally based, impulsive decisions. They are too caught up in this state of being and it has been their way of experiencing life for their entire life so they have no other frame of reference. This state of being keeps you from having the success that you want and deserve. You will be amazed at how much clearer and more confident you will be as a result of really starting to get rid of the disruptive emotions that are causing your clouded thinking and poor decisions.

When you are ready to start cleaning your emotional house, follow these guidelines and use the Inner Guidance App to guide yourself through each of the techniques at your own pace.

Finding & Resolving the Suppressed Fear of Punishment

Using the LOCATE Technique

As mentioned above, this fear is pretty well buried so to get access to it we have to use one of the Inner Guidance App techniques called the LOCATE Technique. The LOCATE technique is a simple way to allow yourself to notice the silence of your own awareness and then tell your body to show you the energy of the fear of punishment. It’s amazing how well this works for uncovering emotions that are normally suppressed, even if they have been suppressed for a long time. We will use the LOCATE Technique in just a few moments to gain access to the energy pattern of the fear of punishment that’s stored in your body. But first an overview on what happens after that.

IN Technique Energy

The energy of the fear of punishment is what we call an IN Technique energy. This means that it is an unresolved, old painful emotion from that past. It will feel like a tight knot or ball of energy stored inside of you somewhere. Often we will store such energies in our solar plexus or chest, somewhere toward the center of the body although it could be stored anywhere,

Once you can feel this tight, constricted energy you will then start the IN Technique. When you click on the START button you’ll get the first audio instruction, which will be to close your eyes. The button will change to the word NEXT and although you’ll have your eyes closed the buttons are big enough that you can keep the cursor over the button and keep clicking on it to get the next audio instruction when you are ready for it. This way you can guide yourself through the technique at your own pace.

The second big button is labeled REPEAT and it is for exactly that. If you want to hear the previous instruction again for any reason just click on the REPEAT button. (You might have to peak to get the cursor over it but that’s OK if you do).

So you will start with the LOCATE Technique which will help you to find where you are storing the energy pattern of the fear of punishment in your body. As soon as you find it you will shift to the IN Technique (you may have to open your eyes for a moment to click on the appropriate link just below the big buttons).

You’ll have access to the sensation of the unresolved traumatic energy of the fear of punishment and you can guide yourself through the resolution of it using the IN Technique Inner Guidance App audio instructions. When you it feels like all of the energy of that fear is completely gone, use the short version of the LOCATE Technique to check to see that you really got all of the energy totally resolved. If you are going to be truly free of the fear of punishment then you will want to be thorough about this.

Use LOCATE at least twice!

Use the LOCATE technique to see if there’s any additional energy. Sometimes there is because in the beginning you may inadvertently stop before it is really gone. This is because you are doing something that is the exact opposite of what you have been deeply conditioned to do your whole life. You’ve been in the habit of suppressing these kinds of unresolved emotional energies, not feeling them so thoroughly that there’s nothing left to feel. So sometimes in the beginning people can stop just when it feels better but isn’t fully gone yet.

Another thing that can happen is that you may have what we call a “back-up copy” of the fear of punishment stored somewhere else in your body so when you use LOCATE to check it again be open to the idea that there could be more energy either in the same or in a different place. Either way, if there is still some energy of the fear of punishment left inside of you shift again to the IN Technique and resolve it completely.

When all of the energy is really gone use LOCATE twice to tell the body to show you any remaining energy of the fear of punishment and if you get nothing twice you can be pretty sure that you got it all.

That’s how you can eliminate the fear of punishment and free up your ability to take action on your intuition much more consistently.

Let’s Get Started!

You are about to start the App and use the techniques. Here’s what you are going to do –

Make sure that you have activated all of the techniques that you will be using. To get started you first have to feel the energy field of the fear of punishment. For the energies blocking your access to your intuition we are going to use the LOCATE Technique. As mentioned above, follow the LOCATE Technique instructions by using the app and when you get a good sense of the quietness, tell the body to show you the energy of the fear of punishment. Pretty much immediately the body will show you some tight knot or ball of energy inside. This is the old unresolved energy of the traumatic experiences of getting punished. This is the real cause of the fear of punishment and the cause of you NOT following your intuition. As soon as you feel the energy click on the link for the IN Technique and then click the START button and follow the instructions to fully resolve the IN Technique energy of the fear of punishment.

You won’t have to return to this page for the next link, it’s available right under the big buttons on the LOCATE Technique app page. (If this is the first time or one of your first few times doing the IN Technique, use the first way of doing it as the second way is easier to do after doing it the first way several time.)

Don’t stop until all the energy is gone!

One thing that’s important is not to stop until the energy is really gone. In the beginning many people stop as soon as they start to feel better. Feeling better is good but having the energy completely gone is what we are looking for. That’s what’s going to free you to trust and act on your intuition. So don’t stop just when it feels better. Keep going until there’s really nothing left.

The techniques are easiest to do with your eyes closed. The buttons are big enough that you can just keep your thumb (for smart phones) or the mouse cursor right over the button and keep clicking on it (or tapping) for the next instruction without having to open your eyes.

Start with the LOCATE Technique –

Click the appropriate link below for either the female or male voice, whichever one you downloaded. You will immediately get a new screen with two large buttons on it.

Female voice


The IN Technique

Male voice


The IN Technique

When you have finished resolving the energy of the fear of punishment you can open your eyes.


You just got rid of the stress has been causing you to NOT trust your intuition.

You may feel lighter or you may feel a sense of freedom or relief. Or you might not feel anything in particular. The important thing will be to start to now consciously recognize and follow your intuitive ideas.

If you have what you think is an intuitive idea but you aren’t sure whether it’s your intuition or a thought generated by an unresolved disruptive emotion, you can also use the Clarity Technique that is described on this web page to help you know which kind of thought it is. – The Clarity Technique.

Getting More Support

If for any reason you have any difficult with doing any of the techniques on your own via the app, don’t worry. This is quite common. Remember that you have a lifetime of doing the exact opposite of what’s needed. So if you have any problem with it there’s no need to give up or think you can’t do it.

What you probably need is just a little help from someone who is really familiar with doing this and with guiding others through the process. We can only do so much with a recorded app, even as good as the Inner Guidance App system is. If you’d like some additional support, you can get personalized help from a Certified Inner Greatness Coach by booking a 1-on-1 coaching session using the on-line booking system at the bottom of this page.

Making Sure You Got It All! 

In order to do make sure that you are really free of any remaining unresolved fear of punishment, use the LOCATE Technique repeatedly and tell the body to show you any energy of this fear that you might still be holding in your body. When you tell the body to show you any such energy and then you tell it a second time and get no response from the body both times, you can be pretty sure that you got it all.

One other point, after you have used the LOCATE Technique the first time or the first few times (you decide) you’ll be getting the feel for how to do it. We have a short version of the LOCATE Technique that you can use once you are familiar with it. Here are the links for doing the short version of LOCATE that you can try out when you feel you are ready for that.

Female voice

Locate IN – short version

Locate OUT – short version

Male voice

Locate – IN short version

Locate – OUT short version

We look forward to helping you to free yourself of the fear of punishment and start to trust and act on your intuition much more consistently.

The Next Step

The next step to accomplishing that is to learn how to start cleaning up the many other disruptive emotions that cause you to have lots of mind-clutter and make poor decisions. That means having lots of thoughts that originate from the many other unresolved disruptive emotions that are also still stored inside of you. You very likely don’t realize it but these kinds of thoughts are keeping you from having the clarity of what’s an intuitive thought and what’s a thought that’s coming from your ego or emotions.

After all you’ve been doing this all of your life and you are used to it so you probably don’t recognize that these thoughts have an emotional basis. But they do and they are a major barrier to being able to trust and act on your intuition. If you can’t easily distinguish between these two kinds of thoughts you are very likely to make decisions and take actions based on emotionally based thoughts. So often when you make decisions and take actions on the non-intuitive thoughts like making an impulsive decision our of anger or fear, then you regret it later.

In order to stop taking actions based on your thoughts that are generated by the unresolved disruptive emotions that create your ego and emotional based thoughts, you need to do some deep house cleaning of your inner emotional landscape. You’ve been in the disruptive emotion accumulation business your whole life! Now it’s time to clean out the source of your mind-clutter and also keep your inner emotional landscape clean by resolving disruptive emotions immediately when new ones come up. To learn how to do this move on now to step 2 – see this page (click on the icon) –

Get Good at This!

Get good at doing these techniques. You can always use the Awaken Your Inner Greatness app on your smart phone or tablet if you are away form your computer and need to do that. And you will also become so good at doing the techniques that you won’t even need the app but you can use it any time you want to review or remind yourself of how to do the techniques.

You will find that you will become clearer and clearer about the distinction between your intuitive thoughts and your ego and emotional pain based thoughts. You’ll find that you can trust and act on your intuition more and more consistently as you clean continue to clean up your inner emotional landscape. This will lead to more and more good intuition based decisions and actions which will lead you to be increasing successful in everything that you do.

We look forward to helping you to free yourself of the limiting influences of your disruptive emotions and start to trust and act on your intuition much more consistently.

Freedom from Illusions!

There’s one more important challenge that gets in your way and everybody has this one. It is this…

I noticed that even after people get good at doing the Pure Awareness Techniques that I would often hear them say things that made it clear that they were not using the techniques on many things that would really benefit them to resolve. I spent some time in the quietness just seeing if I could sense what was causing this. And I got very clear about why this happens and created a new program to solve this problem.

t’s called Success 101.  This new program is for accelerating how quickly you get rid of the costly mistakes created by the influences of your ego and emotional pain based thoughts.  It’s a way to supercharge your rate of progress. You can learn all about it here –

Success 101 – How to Make Fewer Costly Mistakes


What else can you improve in your life?

If you are using the Inner Guidance app right her on your computer you can also use it and recommend it to friends and family to help with there issues:

Inner Guidance App Technique Index

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Spreading the Word!

Please spread the word via your social media, email lists, any support groups or forums for people who would like to start trusting their intuition more consistently so that they can be more successful. Please let them know about the great free resources available here and help us to fulfill our mission of removing the pain of the world. Let’s create a world filled with people who are able to fulfill their real purpose of being here and gift the world with their unique talents and creativity by being really successful!

To Your Success!




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