Inner Greatness Centers in China

Inner Greatness Centers

If there is not an Inner Greatness Center near you, you can book a session with a Certified Inner Greatness Coach and have the session online via Skype or similar for many of our programs and services. To view which sessions you can take on line versus the ones that include the QEO and have to be taken in person at and IGC, see the list of Programs and Services.

To schedule a session using our online booking system click here – Appointments.

We have Inner Greatness Centers opening in different countries. The first 13 IGC’s are now open in China

Inner Greatness Centers China
NO. IGC Chinese Name English Name Mobile Phone City WeChat ID Email
1 Shanghai1 Jing Xu Kristin 139 173 88177 Shanghai kristinXu [email protected]
2 Suzhou1 Li Jin Jenny 186 278 04113 Suzhou tdty_jinli [email protected]
3 Jie Chen Jane 189 105 66569 Beijing chenjie494177 [email protected]
Weiqun Pan Weiqun 139 118 56178 Beijing JHCL-P
4 Beijing2 He Yu Yoha 136 932 15467 Beijing houqiaodi [email protected]
6 Nanning Yanxia Liu Bonnie 180 077 17977 Nanning bonnie_liuzhang [email protected]
Yunting Huang Grace 189 788 18228 lele919
7 Xian1 Yun Wu Windy 186 029 88628 Xian wuyun73 [email protected]
8 Shenzhen1 Di Lu Aaron 135 104 63311 Shenzhen 13510463311 [email protected]
09 Taiyuan1 Ling Zhao Sophie 186 035 17600 Taiyuan dream100Studio [email protected]
10 Wuhan1 Li Jin Jenny 186 278 04113 Wuhan tdty_jinli [email protected]
11 Xiamen1 Peilin Huang Vivian 158 018 03627 Xiamen vvn_huang [email protected]

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