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You’ve probably heard the phrase used by many amateur and professional sports players of “being in the zone”. This expression is used to describe when an athlete plays their sport exceptionally well and is characterized by a state in which time slows down and everything become effortless. If feels as if the laws of nature are working in the athlete’s favor and their performance produces ideal results. Conversely, many athletes don’t realize they often have mental or emotional barriers that limit their ability to enter the zone and perform at this level – such as fear of failure, doubts, lack of trust and over thinking.

What makes playing in the zone so remarkable is the pure presence athletes experience while in this enhanced state of being.  For most people, this state of being “in the zone” is a rare occurrence, even for professional or amateur athletes. As any coach, athlete or sport psychology consultant would state, “If there was just an effective way to make these instances occur more frequently – well …”

Now there is! 

New insights have been discovered that now make this possible. Here’s what’s been discovered.

The fears, doubts, lack of trust and over thinking tend to be deeply conditioned ways of being that have historically been difficult or even seemingly impossible to change. But now, with the In the Zone Access Protocol, it is possible and often easy to remove the inner barriers which currently prevent you from being “in the zone”.  To accomplish this, the In the Zone Access coaching process uses the powerful Pure Awareness Techniques and a systematic method of finding and resolving your inner blocks. This will enable you to have much more consistent “being in the zone” access. You won’t find these powerful transformational techniques used in any other coaching program!

Clients often come to us after trying other modalities, programs or techniques with disappointing results. Upon experiencing coaching sessions using the Pure Awareness Techniques, clients consistently tell us these are the first methods they have tried that actually work for getting major breakthroughs in their personal performance – whether in sports or some other area of their lives. Clients say they have never experienced anything that even comes close to the powerful results and optimal breakthroughs this type of coaching provides.

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Below is a video testimonial from Ben Wong, one of the top college golfers in the USA. As a teenager he was the #1 junior golfer in the USA. For the past couple of years, Ben has had anxiety especially regarding his tee shots. This has been a significant interference to his game. He tried many sports psychologists but this didn’t get rid of his anxiety.

In just one session with Tom Stone, his anxiety was gone so it no longer interfered with his game. He started to play in the zone much more consistently. He is very pleased to find a process that really works. Ben is already recommending Tom to his fellow golfers.

Using the Pure Awareness Techniques, our coaching program can help you play more consistently in the zone for any sport or athletic endeavor. That’s because these unique techniques of identifying and removing inner barriers to being in the zone are applicable to all athletic performance.

The Pure Awareness Techniques are also applicable to improving other areas of your life. See the 1 minute video below of Heather Sage and her experience of overcoming horrific nightmares and a high level of anxiety using Pure Awareness Techniques.

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