Life in the Zone

New insights and techniques for how to access and stay more consistently


People in sports love being “In the Zone.” Many players, coaches and sports psychology consultants say, “If there was just an effective way to make these instances of being in the zone occur more frequently, that would be great!”

You’ve probably had experiences of having a desire, then kind of forgetting about it and then somehow the desire gets fulfilled without you really doing anything to bring that about. What if your whole life could be like that? What if you could be in the zone not just in sports performance but in every aspect of your life.

We have found from our in depth research that the only things holding you back are unresolved accumulated disruptive emotions. 

New insights have been discovered that now make it possible to identify the energy patterns of these disruptive emotions and get rid of them with some amazing new simple and easy techniques called the Pure Awareness Techniques.

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