(IGC) Air Pollution Stress Assessment

Air pollution is a huge problem in many parts of the world. Hundreds of millions of people suffer from it and the World Health Organization estimates that world-wide approximately 7.5 million people die from air pollution caused illnesses every year.

This assessment is designed to help you to determine what level of symptom severity reduction you get when you use our special new process for reducing the stress on your body caused by air pollution. Even if you don’t have symptoms from air pollution, if you live in a city that has polluted air you may want to take advantage of this new very effective treatment as a preventative measure. For a detailed explanation of how the special process works see – A New Solution to PM2.5 air pollution stress 

Make an appointment for our IGC air pollution stress reduction treatment at your local IGC and have this treatment – see Locations.

Then take the assessment again so you can see the comparison of your symptom severity levels between before and after treatment.

Rate yourself for each of the statements from 0 to 10.

0 = no or none

10 = very bad / the worst.

[assessment name='(IGC) Air Pollution Stress’ 10_bar=”true” extended_results=”true”]

@I’ve lived in a city with a significant air pollution problem for 10 years of more
@I have symptoms that I think are very likely caused by exposure to air pollution
@My eyes often feel irritated, itchy, watery, have redness, blurry visions
@My throat often feels dry, itchy or constricted
@I cough frequently
@I have shortness of breath
@The shortness of breath gets worse if I am outside for an extended period of time
@I have wheezing
@I have asthma
@I have hay fever
@I have Bronchitis
@I have Emphysema
@I have Lung cancer
@I have a constricted feeling in my lungs
@I have chest pains
@My skin is often itchy, dry, red, swollen or irritated
@I get frequent headaches
@I often feel nauseous
@I frequently feel fatigued
@I’m susceptible to infections
@Although I’m not aware of any symptoms caused by air pollution, I am still concerned that I could develop health problems because of it?
@I am a smoker

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