How to Systematically Dismantle The Ego and the Pain-body

Dismantling the Ego

The ego is the false sense of self that we make up in our mind. It is made up of the stories that we create about who we are and our life experiences. It is mainly created by projecting possible positive or negative outcomes onto the future.

When we project a positive outcome onto the future we are hopeful that things will happen the way we want them to. But this is a story that we are making up in our mind. It only exists in our mind not in reality. This kind of projection is called an Expectation.

There is a part of us that knows that it isn’t going to happen the way we think we want it to, no matter how much we want that. So some reaction to that truth that it isn’t going to happen is already there in the moment we create the expectation. That reaction creates an OUT Technique cloud of energy. And because we are inside of the cloud, we see the world through the cloud which colors everything we see as if we had on dark glasses. This reinforces the feeling that it is real. It makes us start to really believe that it’s going to happen the way we want even though it’s just a fantasy. A lie we are telling ourself and then believing that it is true.

If the expectation has already NOT happened the way that you expected it to then the emotional reaction will be much stronger. You had convinced yourself that it was going to happen. So now you get upset. It seems unfair. How could God let this happen like this. I’m totally justified in being angry, disappointed, frustrated or sad or some combination of such emotions.

But it was all a self-created illusion. From Pure Awareness we can clearly see that. That’s why, when we become aware that we are having an ego-based thought, we immediately use LOCATE to find the energy and then immediately use the OUT Technique to get into Pure Awareness.

When we are in Pure Awareness we see the reality of what’s really happening. The cloud of energy no longer has a grip on us. It’s not blinding us to the truth any more. We clearly see that the cloud of energy is a reaction to the story we made up.

We then ask ourselves if allowing this story to continue to be in our awareness is helping us actually get what we thought we wanted. We can see that it isn’t helping.

We then ask ourselves if allowing the story to be in our awareness is helping us to have the life that we want and we can clearly see that it isn’t helping.

We then ask ourselves if allowing the story to be in our awareness is a good use of our life energy and we can clearly see that it is not.

We can clearly see that no one is making us keep this story in our awareness. So the final question we ask ourselves is if we have a choice about letting this this story be in our awareness or not. Now the answer is – YES!

In the moment you decide to stop allowing that story to be in your awareness the story and any remaining energy collapse back into the nothingness from which you created them. When they are gone from doing the OUT Technique in this way you are now conscious enough of what you were doing that you will not bring that story back. You now recognize that having this story come back into your awareness over and over again was just a bad habit that you were so use to that you didn’t realize you were doing it. But now you are so aware of it that you won’t do that with that story any more.

This is why doing it like this permanently resolves the problem. No one is forcing you to keep the story active in your awareness.

The second category of ego-based thoughts are from projecting possible negative outcomes on to the future. When we do that we immediately create worry, anxiety or fear. These emotions also have a cloud of energy that radiates out from the body and surrounds and engulfs us just like we experience when we create expectations. Then is one difference between the experience of the two however and that is that we feel the full influence of the anxiety or fear right away when we project a possible negative outcome on to the future.

When we create an expectation the initial feeling of anger or disappointment is not so strong and is kind of covered up by our enthusiastic hope and belief that it will indeed come true. It’s only when it doesn’t come true that we experience the shock that it wasn’t real and then have the full upset that we didn’t get what we thought we wanted.

Even though you have created lots of both of these kinds stories during your life, as you resolve then, one-by-one, you will become increasing conscious of the whole process. This overall increase in awareness of this deeply conditioned pattern will allow you to begin to recognize when you are about to create another possible positive or negative outcome on to the future.

When you have resolved enough of these energies at the basis of your ego-based thoughts you will notice when it is about to happen again and you will simply not do it.

The ego is made up of both of these kinds of stories. It is kept in place by the energy clouds that you are inside of. These energy clouds are the mechanisms that keep the ego in place. They seem so real and because you are inside of them it’s common that you don’t realize it. This is what has made the process of getting out of the grip of the ego so difficult for people who have or are attempting to free themselves of the illusory world of living inside the false sense of self that we call the ego.

Doing the Freedom Practice and using the LOCATE Technique and the OUT Technique is the first systematic process for dismantling the illusions that create the ego. And if practiced daily it can happen pretty fast depending on how many expectations and fear projections you have.

The starting point is to learn and use the basic Pure Awareness Techniques which is easy to do using the Awaken Your Inner Greatness app.

Awaken Your inner Greatness apps

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People progress the fastest when they have a structure that supports them in successfully doing the Freedom Practice every day, reporting on their experiences and getting guidance from a Freedom Practice Mentor.

The Freedom Practice Mentors are people who are further along the learning curve with doing the Freedom Practice and they have already learned how to handle the wide range of new experiences that can come up while doing the Pure Awareness Techniques so frequently. And they can see what you can’t see so they can catch it when you are doing something that is the result of an ego or emotional pain-based thought when you might completely miss it. This is invaluable.

What about the past?

So far, we have been talking about the ego being created out of the stories about the future. So, what about everything that has happened in the past? Isn’t identification with the past also a part of what makes up the ego?

Indeed, it is. There are two kinds of unresolved patterns of emotional energy related to past experiences. One kind is an aspect of what I’ve described above about the future. The other aspect of it is more related to what Eckhart Tolle calls the Pain-body. That means the accumulated unresolved emotional energies from the past that were just too much for us to process when they happened, so we stored them in the body. These are quite different from the energy patterns that create the ego. These are more localized, and they are incomplete experiences.

The energy patterns that create the ego are what can be called reactive emotions. They are reactions to stories that we have in our mind and the energy fields of the emotional reactions are like clouds or auras of energy that radiate out from the body and surround and engulf us.

Of these energies that contribute to creating the ego, the two types of projections onto the future, positive projections and negative projections. Although they both have past and future elements to them they essentially keep you stuck in the future and not living with a presence to the now.

The stories that create expectations are wishing that things had turned out the way that you wanted them to. When you create the story, you make it up in your mind because you think it is what you want. You are under the illusion that you know what is best for you and you are trying to get the universe to give you what you think you want.

It turns out that the future already exists, and the universe has a much better plan than your mind could ever come up with. That’s because it has a kind of cosmic computer function that integrates everything that is happening to everyone and everything in the universe so that it all happens as it is designed to happen. This is far too complicated for the limited human intellect to comprehend or even imagine. Even the idea that you have free will and that you can change what happens is a part of the illusions created by the mind and ego. That means that the illusion of free will is also a part of the larger picture of predetermination,

Now your true self, which is the unboundedness of your awareness, already knows that what you are creating in your mind isn’t going to happen. But this knowing is typically too subtle for you to notice it. But it means that the reactive energy of your unmet expectation is already present the moment you create the expectation. Then you start to believe your story, You start to believe that things are going to happen the way you think that they should and you live inside of this story continuing to wish and believe that it will happen the way that you want it to.

It is when it becomes obvious that the expectation hasn’t been met and isn’t going to be net that you then experience the full impact of the shock of this. Then the energy cloud of the reaction becomes strong and very obvious. Now it is interesting that even though you now know that the expectation isn’t going to be met you continue to hold on to the story that it should have been met and why wasn’t it. This continues to keep you stuck in a story about the future, even though the time for when it “should have happened” is long gone. You are still stuck inside of the energy cloud of the reactive emotion, So, in this way you are still stuck in the future. You are not living in the present. Although the timing of the expected event or outcome has passed, the story about it keep living on and in some, way it is still clinging to the wish that it should be the way you wanted it to be, not the way that it turned out. You are not living in the reality of what is.

Also, when you project a possible negative outcome onto the future and you fear that something you don’t want to have happen will happen, then you feel anxious or fearful or worried that it will indeed happen.

This kind of story produces a much stronger initial energy that an expectation does. With an expectation, you might be excited about what you think is going to happen but that’s not really uncomfortable. the illusion that things are going to happen to your liking is keeps you unaware of the other energy of impending disappoint or anger that happens when it doesn’t.

The energy of fear, anxiety and worry are more obvious and more uncomfortable. It’s interesting that when the thing that you fear will happen doesn’t happen, the anxiety about that stops but it doesn’t teach you to not do that again. You go right ahead and create all kinds of projections of negative outcomes onto the future and become anxious about that those bad things might indeed happen.

So in both case, with either projections of positive or negative outcomes onto the future, even when the events associated with these projections become something of the past, you still end up living inside of a story and energy cloud that is a about the future. It’s as if you don’t believe that it really still should have happened the way you expected, And, although you are glad that the negative projection didn’t happen, you still continue to project more negative outcomes onto the future and live inside of these illusory stories.

The most important part of all of this is the recognition that the thing that keeps you locked into the illusions that we call the ego is the energy clouds of these reactive emotions. What’s needed is to learn how to take your awareness outside of the cloud of energy of the reactive emotion. You let your awareness move out into the space around you further and further until your reach the outer limits of the energy cloud. Then you continue to go out even further until you are outside of the energy cloud and in the surrounding silence or emptiness.

That emptiness is your awareness. It’s the very awareness you are using to have the whole experience. It has to be empty so that you can have all of your different experiences of thoughts, feelings and perceptions. This process is called the OUT technique.

Dismantling the Pain-body 

There isn’t really a pain-body. It’s just an expression that refers to all of the unresolved emotional pain that you have stored in your body. It’s not really a part of you but it certainly can feel like it is. That’s especially true if you don’t know how to resolve it.

Why do we accumulate emotional pain?

When we are little we have many experiences of being emotionally overwhelmed. We don’t like it at all. And everyone rapidly develops the habit of attempting to not feel the discomfort of these experiences.

What’s happening is that the emotional reaction to what is happening is so strong that it overwhelms us. We just don’t have the processing power to handle it at our early age. Our nervous system is still under developed so our capacity to feel things completely when they happen is limited. The result is that we don’t finish the experience of the sensation that the energy of that emotional reaction produces at the time it occurs. Because it is incomplete it gets stored in our body.

This happens over and over again, and we become deeply conditioned to do our best to suppress the emotional pain. We get so good at that that we do it without realizing that we are doing it. It becomes an unconscious habit.

If the experience is just too much, and we can’t suppress it, we get overwhelmed by it and we cry. Crying happens when we do become overwhelmed and get sucked into the energy of the pain and consumed by it.

The problem is that suppression and overwhelm don’t resolve the pain. It’s still there. Even if we have swept it under the rug, it’s still under the rug.

So, this is how we accumulate more and more unresolved emotional pain from the past.

The problem is that the accumulation of these emotional pain from the past can become a very significant stress on the body leading to all kinds of physical health problems. Different forms of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure and many other problems are commonly associated with physical diseases. Some holistic health practitioners estimate that 80 to 90% of people’s health problems are caused or complicated by unresolved emotions.

Notice that these emotional pain energies are incompletions. People don’t know how to complete them, and they are deeply conditioned to avoid completely them due to the habits of emotional suppression and overwhelm.

So, the need here is to learn how to do the exact opposite of what we are deeply conditioned to do, We need to learn how to allow ourselves to experience and complete the incomplete experiences of these energies. Then only can they be truly gone.

Interestingly this is much easier than you would think. It only involves being guided through the process of allowing yourself to notice the central strongest part of the energy field of the sensation of the emotional pain which gradually allows it to be completed. When it does get completed in this way it is then REALLY gone. The pattern of the energy gets defused, dissolved and converted into something much more non-specific. This allows the body to stop holding on to it so it dissipates and is then gone for good, It doesn’t come back. The process of doing this is called the IN technique.

You can easily learn to do both the IN and OUT Techniques by using our free app called Awaken Your Inner Greatness. You can download and install it from the app store of your mobile device.

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Not living in the NOW

So in summary, the unresolved emotional energies from the past keep us constantly trying to avoid them. And when we can’t avoid them we try to get some help in not feeling them by using addictive drugs or behaviors to suppress the pain.

And we also tend to stay stuck inside of the energy clouds of our reactive emotions. This literally clouds our thinking and causes us to make ego-based decisions which lead to making lots of costly mistakes.

I’ve been quite blessed to discover all of this over many years of working in this field. And recently I developed a program that allows for a very accelerated pace of cleaning out both the IN and OUT Technique energies about 10 times faster than we were doing it before. Its called the Freedom Practice and it starts with a brief training in the basics of how to do the techniques including something called Intuition testing or self-muscle testing. This brief training is called the Freedom from Illusions Training.

You can learn more about these programs here –

The Freedom from Illusions Training and the Freedom Practice

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