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Getting Rid of COVID-19

How would you like to be part of the solution to getting rid of the Covid virus and all of its mutations? You can do that with an advanced version of the Results Now process that we are making it available inexpensively, by itself, without having to take the full One-Year Fast-Track Program.

Interested? Well, read on –

We are looking for 8 people who have not had COVID and have not been vaccinated to do the following steps:


My main mentor in the use of devices called bioresonance machines is a guy in Germany named Martin Keymer. I have known him since 1997. He’s a genius and an expert in being able to make ampoules and imprint them with special energy fluids that contain the patterns of different things like toxins, pathogens, allergens, and the structures and functions of healthy organs and systems of the body.

Years ago, he had the idea to make such ampoules, but the first batch of them that he made stopped working within a few months of making them. He was discouraged and almost gave up the project, but he learned about a guy who had spent his whole career figuring out how to make such ampoules that would work indefinitely. The ampoules are typically arranged in a box, and the energy can be picked up with a device, as in this picture. 

Martin was trained to be what in Germany is called a Heilpraktiker. They are like naturopaths in the USA. They are licensed medical practitioners but have certain limitations on what they are allowed to do. For example, they don’t do major surgeries.

Martin learned from a mentor he studied with how to make ampules that last indefinitely and started to produce them and train other Heilpraktikers, open-minded doctors, dentists, and even veterinarians in how to use them. It was successful. They worked, and all of these practitioners reported getting great results.



Martin has two sons. His second son wanted to go to the USA for a student exchange program during his last year of high school. The problem was that in order to do that, the boy had to get certain vaccinations to get into the USA.

Heilpraktikers know that vaccinations can deeply stress the immune system. Martin didn’t want his son to have them. So, he figured out a way to stimulate the T-cells to produce the antibodies to the diseases that the vaccinations his son was supposed to have were designed to prevent but without injecting any chemicals into the body. He figured out how to do that energetically.

He treated his son with this new approach using a bioresonance machine and special vaccination ampoules that he created. After waiting some time for the antibodies to get produced, they did another blood test, and amazingly enough, the correct antibodies showed up in the second blood test. So they were able to submit that second blood test, and his son got to go to the USA for the student exchange program.

I remembered that story and sent an email to Martin asking him if we could do that same thing for the Covid virus, and he wrote back and said that YES, we can.

The next part of the story is that I decided to do a project of modernizing the ancient Vedic wisdom to make it accessible to the people who are ready for that ancient knowledge in modern life.

In addition to that, I created a process called WaveForm Optimizing back in 1994 before I knew about the bioresonance machines that were being used in Germany and other European countries.

WaveForm Optimizing (WFO) is a way to identify and show on a spreadsheet a graph of the exact waveform of anything. It is done by muscle testing for the frequency and amplitude of the different harmonics that create the specific waveform that we want to cancel out or strengthen.

Here’s one of the WFO spreadsheet graphs –

On the left is the input part of the spreadsheet where we muscle test for the frequency and amplitude of each of the harmonics of the wave pattern of whatever it is that we want to modify. The person receiving the WFO session then uses a special process that increases the coherence within that person’s awareness.

On the right are the waveforms of the pattern of energy that is creating the problem in orange at the top and the perfectly aligned mirror image of that waveform in black at the bottom.

We have used the Results Now process with great success for things like getting rid of the pattern of energy that cause limited range of motion and any associated pain. There’s a brief video at this link that includes the before and after treatment results for two people. Absolutely amazing!  The limited range of motion problems are completely gone in both cases in just one session that was done over the Internet using Zoom video conferencing.

The Results Now Training is now being used for a project called the Global eMunity Project. This is a process of instructing someone how to use the Results Now process to do what Martin did for his son but for reducing or canceling out the energy of the Covid virus or any of its mutations.

In addition, millions of people have died as a result of having the COVID vaccinations. And we also have a process of using WFO to lessen or eliminate many of the problems created by people getting COVID vaccinations.

So a part of the One-Year Fast-Track to Enlightenment, Perfect Health & Wealth Program includes learning how to do this. You can then use it for yourself, your family and friends, and clients if you have clients.

There are many people who don’t want to get vaccinated for the COVID virus. One survey showed that About 42% reported that they “don’t trust the COVID-19 vaccine.

Science – The Religion of Our Day

It would be fair to say that the religion of our day is science. People believe in science and in scientific research. Pretty much everyone does.

So we will be doing lots of research to “prove” that our WFO approach really works. It’s pretty easy to make a study in which we take people who have not had a COVID viral infection, as can be shown by a blood test in which no COVID antibodies are not found. Then we do our advance Results Now Global eMunity treatment.

This treatment uses something from the ancient Vedic Wisdom called Sanyama. It is a way of creating what we might call an extremely effective placebo influence. It puts the concept of a placebo into a whole new light.

Then we wait a couple of weeks for the T-cells to produce the COVID antibodies and get another blood test.

This blood test should show that even though there was no physical injection of a vaccine, the “energetic vaccine” using the special form of Sanyama in the Results Now process should work to stimulate the body to produce the proper antibodies.

In the meantime, I updated a program that I had created before I learned about bioresonance devices and ampoules. It is called WaveForm Optimizing (WFO), and the training is included in the programs that are in the One-Year Fast-Track to Enlightenment, Perfect Health & Wealth Program.

There is a detailed explanation of WFO here –

WaveForm Optimizing

Here’s the link to the page with the list of programs that are included in the One-Year.

Index of Programs


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