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One of the main principles of Inner Greatness Optimizing (the current name of our process of cleaning up one’s inner emotional landscape) is the idea of making things that have been unconscious – conscious.

There is a big difference between having a spontaneous spiritual awakening and gaining a full awakening via a systematic method.

Many people who are considered spiritual teachers, like Eckhart Tolle and others, speak and write about their experiences eloquently. And it is evident from what they say that their awakening is genuine. 

But because their awakening was spontaneous, it didn’t come with a roadmap or owner’s manual so that such people can describe the awakened state of being, but they typically don’t have a systematic way of helping others attain that same  fully awakened state, 

Many people I have talked with who have read the books or watched the videos of such spontaneously awakened people are frustrated that there isn’t any systematic method for cleaning up their inner emotional landscape of the suppressed emotional energy patterns from when they were an infant. Most people don’t even know that they have an internal emotional landscape! 

I have the great good fortune to discover precisely how to find the deeply suppressed emotional energies of the inner emotional landscape and how to clean those energies out of you. I haven’t seen anything that comes close to our understanding of this and how to do it.

Learning the basic techniques for cleaning up your inner emotional landscape of these accumulated unresolved emotional energies is accomplished by using our One-year Fast-track programs, starting with the Freedom Practice.

It is continued by going through the Permanent Pure Awareness program and other aspects of the Fast-track program. 

One of the main reasons I created this new program is that I am seeing many of my students starting to transition from living an everyday life of being the product of their conditioning to starting to experience more and more of the expansive silence of Pure Awareness all the time.

Unless you are living the reality of your essential nature –  Pure Awareness being present all the time, then there is still something keeping you from shifting into a fully integrated state of consciousness in which the continuous experience of Wholeness never goes away. We will keep working on finding and removing whatever that illusion of separateness is so that you fully realize your essential nature being present all the time. 

This is what makes it a bit difficult to give details about what we will be doing in this program other than just to go through the process of making the unconscious – conscious… fully conscious all the time.

When this happens, it is a major shift in consciousness. For their whole life, they have been living with a sense that they are their “self-definition.” They are living, thinking that they know who they are. But they also know that their life experience isn’t like the descriptions from those who have become truly awakened. 

They can go through a period of feeling like they are losing their existence which can be much scarier than the fear of dying. 

What is needed in this kind of situation is to have the guidance of someone who has had an awakening from a systematic method which I was fortunate to have back in 1997. 

In the One-year Fast-track Enlightenment, Perfect Health & Wealth program, you will have my support in going through this powerful shift in consciousness, and the program is designed to help have this happen.

This is another way in which our program is quite unique and special. 

Pricing and schedule

The new course offering

Pricing –

For people who know IGO

  • Perfection Training – $397
  • Full Awakening – $397
  • Bundle of both for $597 that also includes a 1 – on – 1 session with me.
  • Save 200 USD plus 500 USD
  • Save 700 bucks

For people who want True Awakening and are only getting descriptions of it not a simple systematic process of cleaning up their inner emotional landscape enough to live in Pure Awareness all the time.

  • The Freedom Practice 1- Free
  • The Freedom Practice – 2 – only $150
  • Perfection Training – $397
  • Full Awakening – $397
  • Bundle of both for $597 plus a
  • If they sign up before June 10th they also get a 1 – on – 1 session with me.
  • Save 200 on the bundle, plus 500 for the 1-on-1 session
  • Save 700 bucksBottom of Form



As we have students all over the world, it is not easy to find days and times that are good for everyone. As we have more students who are really into IGO in our programs from the western hemisphere, the USA, Canada, and Mexico, I’m favoring times that are more conducive to these countries. For those in Europe, you may have to take video classes from the recordings. Then you can ask questions and share your experiences once we get a forum set up for these programs. We’ll get that going as soon as possible

Each of the two courses will have classes once per week.

The Perfection Training will be on Monday evenings at 6:30 PM Pacific time.  

The True Awakening Training classes will be on Thursdays at 6:30 PM Pacific time.

We will let you know the start dates soon after you are registered. 

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