Free TraumAway Orientation Video

There will be an orientation presentation about the TraumAway Program that uses a new technique for reducing the severity of PTSD symptoms. This method has been found to be easier, faster and much more effective than any previous PTSD treatment.

Watch this minute and a half video of Heather telling about how she had horrific nightmares and anxiety.  In just one session of being guided through the TraumAway techniques her nightmares were gone and her anxiety level that had been off the charts was reduced to practically zero. These results were still lasting even a year later. 

Charles developed startle response from mortar fire into the forward operating base where he was stationed in Iraq, This video is a demonstration of the use of one of the TraumAway techniques that quickly eliminated the startle response. He was amazed! 

Angela also had horrific nightmares  after being raped and was so anxious that she couldn’t leave her house. She thought her life was over. We also got rid of the traumas causing her nightmares and like Heather, within just one session she was nightmare free. 

Another remarkable case of getting rid of nightmares in 1 session is a Vietnam vet who had PTSD for 43 years at the time we met. He had nightmares every night even after 17 years of therapy at the VA. Again in one session that night his nightmares were gone for the first time in 43 years! For the full story see – Ernie’s Story. 

In many cases, all of the PTSD symptom severity levels can be reduced to zero without 5 to 10 sessions. Here’s a chart that shows a world class hockey player with PTSD who got rid of all of his PTSD symptom severity in 5 sessions. Symptom Severity Reduction

To join our list of people interested in learning about this new way of reducing the severity of PTSD symptoms use the form at the bottom of this page so that you will get the announcement about the orientation presentation or you will get the link to the recorded video if you missed the live version.

We are doing a simple study to collect some data on the effectiveness of this new approach. You can have free TraumAway sessions from a Certified TraumAway Expert by participating in this study which can be done via zoom. This will be explained in detail during the orientation presentation,

The guy who created the TraumAway Program is Tom Stone who cured himself of PTSD after getting shot in the chest by a deranged stranger back in 1993. Tom hasn’t had a PTSD symptom in over 25 years! – Tom’s Story

Here’s the form to sign up to get the announcement about the presentation about the TraumAway Program. 

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