Extraordinary AGI Programming

Writing ideal AGI code requires more than just being a good programmer. It requires something more than having a high IQ. It requires developing a very high level of what is called –

Emotional Competence

Content vs. Energy

There is an important distinction between the content and the energy of emotions. Most people focus on the content, the name of the emotion, why you have the emotional reaction, memories or thoughts about the circumstances, etc.

But true emotional competence is learning how to make something that has been unconscious – conscious. It is about cleaning up your inner emotional landscape, which requires learning how to make the distinction between circumstances and your reactions to the circumstances.

Everyone has a collection of unresolved disruptive emotions from learning to suppress emotionally overwhelming experiences during infancy and very early childhood. 

Extraordinary AGI Programming is an online training that is designed to help ensure that none of these influences get inadvertently into any AGI code. Its purpose is to keep the kinds of atrocities that humans have done to each other historically from being included unintentionally in the AGI technologies that we create. If you are an AGI programmer or work in support of one, you owe it to yourself and the world to check this out. 

The place to start is by learning the basics of how to gain access to your stored disruptive emotions and learn how to get them out of your body.

Your family and friends can also get access to the Freedom Practice – 1 app and use it to clean up their inner emotional landscape. (You will be very glad you referred them because as they get rid of their disruptive emotions, they will be much more enjoyable to be around!) 

Send them to this page so they can register and get access to the app – Become Emotionally Competent.

The Freedom Practice – 1 app is free



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