Become Emotionally Competent

Emotional Competence

Content vs. Energy

There is an important distinction between the content and the energy of emotions. Most people focus on the content, the name of the emotion, why you have the emotional reaction, memories or thoughts about the circumstances, etc.

But true emotional competence is learning how to make something that has been unconscious – conscious. It is about cleaning up your inner emotional landscape, which requires learning how to make the distinction between circumstances and your reactions to the circumstances.

Everyone has a collection of unresolved disruptive emotions from learning to suppress emotionally overwhelming experiences during infancy and very early childhood. 

The start of such training in how to find and fix your inner emotional landscape starts with using an app that we created for teaching you how to begin the process of finding and resolving the first of the two databases of unresolved disruptive emotions. The app is called Freedom Practice  -1, and it is available now in a version for the computer via a browser. It has been built on a responsive website, so it can also be seen on Apple and Android mobile devices. 

Get your personal individualized 

Decision Influences Assessment – DIA

In addition, you will be able to get something called a Decision Influences Assessment (DIA) to get a reality check on just how cluttered or clean your inner emotional landscape is initially and then get it upgraded as you go through your clean-up process. That is available as an “in-app purchase” for only $10 bucks USD in the class on the Freedom Practice app called Reality Check.

You can get access to the app by filling out the form below and clicking submit. You will receive emails that will guide you to get everything you need. 

The Freedom Practice app is free



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