We show people new techniques to transform suffering into joy

If you would like to see these precious new techniques in action, watch some of these recorded demo sessions. If you would like to have a free demo session like this yourself, you very likely can have one as we are doing lots of them as part of a research project to validate and quantify their effectiveness (which is very high as you will see if you watch some of the demos). As we are doing lots of these free demo sessions, this list is frequently updated with more recordings.

Pure Awareness Technique Demos Index

Updated on – June 16, 2018

Transform Depression into Happiness

Volunteer Date Link 
Karen Berry 6/3/18 Transform Depression into Happiness 1
Wesley Baker  6/4/18 Transform Depression into Happiness 2

Transform Anxiety into Serenity

Volunteer Date Link 
Dezi Koster 5/29/18 Transform Anxiety into Serenity with follow up 
Elizabeth Carrington 6/1/18 Transform Anxiety into Serenity – Elizabeth

Transform Grief into Joy

Volunteer Date Link 
Joan Schramm 5/30/18 Transform Grief into Joy 1
Karen Berry 6/3/18 Transform Grief into Joy 2
Chelsea Hanson 6/11/18 (Video available soon)

Transform Chronic Pain into Ease and Peace 

Volunteer Date Link 
Jasmine Kaloudis 5/30/18 (Video available soon)
Liz Rodgers 6/7/18 Chronic Pain – Liz Rodgers
Elizabeth Carrington 6/8/18 (Video available soon)
Sousa Hari 6/10/18  (Video available soon)
Sharon Noh 6/12/18 Chronic Pain – Sharon Noh
MaryFrances Barbisan 6/16/18 (Video available soon)

SUCCESS 101 – How to Make Fewer Costly Mistakes

Volunteer Date Link 
Wai Cheung 6/4/18 Success 101 – Wai Cheung
Lori Haugland 6/3/18 (Video available soon)
Sunil Varma 6/9/18 (Video available soon)

Lower HBP by REALLY getting rid of Emotional Stress

Volunteer Date Link 
Les Mason 6/10/18 HBP Reduction Breakthrough

Transform Heart break into Self-love

Volunteer Date Link 

Transform Nightmares into Peaceful Sleep

Volunteer Date Link 

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