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When you want to solve a problem in human life it is essential to resolve the problem at the level where it really lives. You’ve probably had the experience of trying some kind of therapy for a problem and having it not work. That’s what happens when you approach something at the wrong level.

Many approaches to health problems for example simply suppress symptoms. They don’t really cure the problem permanently. It keeps coming back. That’s because the treatment is only temporarily suppressing the symptoms. It’s approaching it on the wrong level.

At Inner Greatness Centers we have a way of testing to make sure that we take an approach that is going to actually work to resolve the problem in a thorough and permanent way. We start by testing to find out at what level the problem really exists. We are not into symptom suppression. We are into eliminating problems at their true source.

So at the start of every Inner Greatness Center session your IGC Coach will test you to see at what level the problem you’re going to work on really resides. We use this model called the Where to Start Chart to fine the right level to approach any problem –

The Where to Start Chart 

The first level – The  Energetic level – Subtle level is a category of patterns of energy that have very low energy levels. That means that the energy is so weak that you can’t feel it with your physical senses. Although you can’t feel the energy itself, the influence of the energy is to produce some kind of effect in your body and you do feel the effect but not the energy pattern that is causing the effect.

This kind of energy is responsible for causing problems like difficulty with focusing, problems like chronic pain and allergies. Certainly you experience the symptoms of the pain or the allergic reactions, that’s for sure. But the patterns of energy that are causing these symptoms are in themselves to subtle to actually feel them. These patterns of energy can be picked up by the QEO and inverted. This inverted signal is then amplified and sent to the body as a stress-canceling signal. It uses the principe of wave interference to cancel out the specific pattern of the energy that is causing the problem.

The Perception level is the level at which the patterns of energy are significant enough that we can feel them in and/or around our body. At this level we can use the Pure Awareness Techniques in a process that we call Emotional Mastery Training (EMT). These techniques don’t use the QEO. They are experiential. They involve learning to use your ability to feel things in new and highly efficient ways to resolve and permanently get rid of the patterns of energy of disruptive emotions.

We use a special form of testing that tests the body’s innate wisdom. It’s very simple, quick and reliable. This determines which of our new technologies we are going to use, one or the other or both. Some problems have components on both the Subtle Energy Level and the Perception Level.

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