The law of Cause and Effect

Action and Reaction

It’s obvious that every action aways has consequences even if sometimes people my ignore that this is so. But it is typical that the reaction of any action is not limited. to one simple consequence. Usually for every action there are multiple reactions, influences of consequences. So when we think of an action it can be useful to consider that consequences or the fruits of that action.

One only has to think of the example of playing the game of pool in which one pool ball is hit with the pool cue in such a way that it hits another pool ball which may hit other pool balls resulting a very broad range of reactions. The idea of course is to get one of the pool balls into a “pocket” on the pool table so that you can continue to attempt to do that again. But in the meantime the other pool balls may have been hit and the positions of them may now be quite different then they were.

The law of cause and effect includes a more comprehensive view of the returning influences of any action. Any action can have many effects which can also then cause yet additional reactions, and so on.

Ancient Wisdom

The oldest knowledge about life on earth comes from the Vedic tradition of ancient India. The Vedic knowledge was originally passed down from generation to generation as an oral tradition. The Vedic literature is written in the Sanskrit language. The word Veda means knowledge and it is a body of knowledge about life that is unparalleled in richness and wisdom.

Practical Applications

The Vedas describe in detail various procedures that are designed to deal with the returning influences of actions taken in the past. The principle is to be able to interact and strengthen your ability in order to Ω with the returning influences of past actions in order to modify any negative impact on your life or to enhance any positive influence.

Quantum Physics includes the understanding of the laws of wave interference.. And Vedic science takes full advantage of wave interference to create precise patterns of energy that can support you to neutralize or enhance the returning influences of past actions, no matter how long ago the initial action was taken. This is done through the use of sounds and other actions that have been tested and implemented successfully for thousands of years.


The Sanskrit name for these wave interference procedures is kameshtis. This Sanskrit word is composed of 2 words – “Kama” which means desire and “eshti” which means fulfillment. Amazingly enough there is a highly sophisticated mathematically precise method of determining which kind of kameshti will have the desired effect of strengthening your resolve of being able to successfully neutralize or enhance the returning influences of your past actions, This makes it possible to now greatly increase the fulfillment of your desires. More about kameshtis here – Kameshtis

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